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Meet Cake and Eat it 3

Meet Cake and Eat it 3

We are an adventure seeking, travel loving, close knit family who love learning and exploring new ideas and places.

Like most people who create a lifestyle that allows for fulltime travel, we worked really, really hard to achieve it.  We still believe one of the most important things required is a belief that it is possible.  Add to that a plan and your well on your way.

We both believe that hard work pays off and have definitely got a little carried away with this theory.  We have had multiple jobs, businesses and investments and love nothing more than discussing a potential business idea and brainstorming with others.

Getting to know our family

Brett has a LOVE of all things property, investment and you guessed it, Travel.  Well known for his work ethic and can do attitude he is a popular team member.  He has held varying positions in various fields including management, construction and maintenance roles.  A very positive, glass half full sort of guy.

Leanne also has a love of all things property, investment and yep, you guessed it, Travel.  Working in law offices for so many years in positions including conveyancing and practice management. She has a genuine love of learning and always enjoys a challenge that involves learning new skills. 

We have both bought, sold, renovated, built and sub-divided property and used this investment class as a way to achieve our goal of full-time indefinite travel.  

Our youngest member of Cake and Eat it 3, Miss B, loves adventure, animals and yep, travel too! She is inquisitive, loves cooking, asking questions and then questioning those questions!!   She is soooo excited about the adventures that still await us.  She will document her experiences and share her stories and photos under the Kids Corner section of our blog. She loves to learn and is very excited to be world schooling, researching and living the experiences and education of life.


Thank you for stopping by to get to know us better, we do hope that we get to meet many of you on the road, whether travellers, those of you needing housesitters or just stopping by to share our experiences with us. 


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