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Gas bottle refills in Europe

Gas bottle refills seems easy enough?! As most of you know, we bought our campervan in England to begin roadtripping Europe.  When we bought the van it came with two Calor 3.9kg gas bottles. Before taking off we had them refilled and had checked the gas cookers and oven to ensure they were all in working order. All good. One thing we had not taken into account was the difficulty in refiling...
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Visiting Romania, We will be back!

Visiting Romania, We will be back! Like a lot of other travellers we have read various opinions and articles on visiting Romania before going.   Having visited so many countries that have drawn an audible intake of breath from others, for one reason or another, we rarely take on board others feelings on a destination. We always listen for tips and advice though from those that have experienced th...
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Opportunity for Long Term Living in Romania

Have you been looking for the Opportunity for Long Term Living in Romania? We have really enjoyed our time in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania.  Of course it helped we were with one of our oldest friends and it was her childhood village, the main attraction for why we visited.  The beautiful Carpathian Mountains, clean air and friendly locals, it is easy to understand why they have chosen to come b...
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Roadtripping Europe

Roadtripping Europe is everything we thought it would be. We have now been on the road for just over a month and feeling the groove pretty well by now. Our pack down and set off routine is getting pretty organised and we all know our jobs to do so we get on the road quicker. Free Camping We try to free camp as often as we can, mainly to save funds but also they are some of the most beautif...
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Tower of London

Visiting the Tower of London After getting all the business end of the trip buying a campervan in UK ready to tour in, we got to have some fun. There is so much to see and we have a long list of must see places and things while in London.  We have allowed some time at the end of our trip when we arrive back in UK to go back into London. So, off to Tower of London we went by Train from Rochford...
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