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Back in Australia and Roadtripping again

Great to be back in Australia and Roadtripping again

Been a while since we posted and lots has been happening in the world of Cake and Eat it 3.  As always on the road there are lots of lessons to be learnt at every turn. Facebook gets updated a lot more frequently.

We arrived back in Australia in September.  Crazy how fast time flies!

I, Leanne, went back to my old workplace to assist with an office relocation for what was supposed to be one month but ended up two months. This was an interesting experience / time for the whole family.


The upside was, we got to spend time with our eldest daughter as we were camped out on her front lawn! Thanks love.  Miss B was happy too, being the animal lover she is, as her sister had just got a new addition to the family and she got to help dogsit while she was working away.

Previously, I had been in charge of most of the education for Breanne and to say it was a major adjustment for all parties with mum back at work is the understatement of the century.  We have a great routine, we had all been together 24/7 and they missed me. Hubby missed me and not just because he had to be teacher (can’t blame them but geez, thought they would like some personal time).

I got MULTIPLE texts and messages every day, from both of them saying they miss me and can’t wait till I’m home.  There were tears, frustration, patience tested and overall a growing experience for all of us, that’s life.

But on a serious note, it is important when teaching kids on the road to share some of the roles so when and if the situation arises that one of you do some work, it is not such a dramatic change.


On the road again

Needless to say we were all VERY happy to hit the road again!  In our 19 years together we have always known we are at our strongest when together!

We are headed to Mildura for Christmas to see Brett’s father who is also fulltime travelling (yes, its in the blood!).


The Elf on the Shelf on the Road

We were crazy enough to have Miss Stephanie the Elf on the Shelf join us on our travels and will enjoy writing up a blog post soon on what mischief she got up to while on the road.  So all you other crazy parents willing to subject yourself to 24 days of fun (planning/alarms/early or late wake ups for movement of said elf). Seriously, we love it and enjoy the look on Miss B face every morning discovering what adventures Miss Stephanie has been up to during the night.

Educational Worksheets

Being the planners that we are, when looking for worksheets and educational resources on the places that we shall pass through on our trip, we were really surprised at the lack of quantity and quality available.  So we have created a new page on the blog for Educational Worksheets that we put together for Miss B and share to help other families too on places we visit.  We hope you all find it helpful.

People you meet on the road

Probably THE best thing about travelling is meeting new people, the conversations you have, using languages you have learnt and sharing stories.  We have had the most amazing first week back on the road, got to use our limited sign language skills, french and made some great new friendships.

Happy travels everyone and see you out there….

Cake and Eat it 3


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