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Bahama Adventure Rafting in Bali

Bahama Adventure Rafting in Bali

When did rafting become a PE lesson? As of today.  One thing we love about worldschooling is being able to take up new adventures and opportunities.

We stopped to speak to Iren at Agus Reservation Center in Legian yesterday. His whatsapp number is +62 8234 1637857 and his email is irenraga@gmail.com if you would like to contact him.

He suggested Bahama Adventure Rafting for Cake and Eat it 3 and as we love adventure we jumped at it.  We are here in February and it is now out of peak season.  This is great as you get a lot more affordable everything. 

For around A$30ea we received;

Collection from our hotel by bus
Dropped to Bahamas Adventure starting point near Carang Sari
Equipment including Paddle, Lifejacket and Helmet
Guide person to take you downstream
Showers at the end
Buffet Lunch
Drop back to your acommodation

We got picked up at 7:30am, which was earlier than we had been told at 8:00-8:30pm but we were ready to roll having laid everything out the night before and packed our change of clothes into a bag.  We had cup of noodles for breakfast (hotel kitchen not open yet) and had already heated the kettle and poured water over the noodles to go – luckily or we would of been starving by lunch.  

The driver collected other travellers on the way and took approx 1.5hrs to get to destination.

On arrival

We were grouped with another couple from India that were heaps of fun too.  We got into our safety gear and made our way down to the Ayung river.  This was a good length walk but beautiful. All of us were wearing thongs and we had no problem with this walk.  See our youtube video here.

The guide gave us a safety talk about directions he would be asking and what they meant. Other rafters came down the river and the guide from their boat splashed us, Miss B thought it was fabulous! We love a bit of fun and there were plenty of water fights to come throughout the duration of the trip.

Mid way through our approximate 2 hours on the water we stopped and you could buy a Bintang or Radler (little expensive at 40,000 for a small Bintang!) chips ect. before hitting the water again.

A fantastic time was had by all and we were blessed with perfect weather.  It was wonderful to hear shreiks of laughter and excitement from Miss B.  There was lots of laughing and of course water fights, bumps off the rocks and a bit of dancing if you get stuck.

Rock Carvings

At one point we had detailed rock carvings along the river bank which were put there 35 years ago. The dense forest and rock faces were so beautiful.  We all loved the slide at the dam the best!

Upon arriving at the finishing point, the guides did ask for a tip. We were very happy to oblige as they really had gone out of their way to involve us all and make sure we were having fun. (If we did not think so, we would have no problem saying No).  

You then trek up the path to a shower, toilet and buffet lunch.  To be honest, the toilets and showers were average, I guess having that many tourists through is going to have an impact.  I filmed the lunch Buffet in our youtube video to give you an idea what to expect.  As you can leave stuff in your bag on the bus, nothing stopping you from taking something to eat after, as it is 1.5hrs back to Legian/Kuta.

NOTE: Before leaving we read reviews both on Bahama Adventures rafting google site and trip advisor, we always take these lightly.  Everyone has different ideas as 

to what is acceptable and expected.  There were a number of negative comments ranging from too rugged walk in and out of river area, rudeness, late being picked up.  We did not experience this on our trip and were really happy with the experience.


On the way home both Miss B and Brett fell asleep on the bus, so cute I had to share with you!

Great day outdoors, new adventures and seeing a part of Bali we hadn’t seen yet.

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