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Be part of the action – Dreamworld USB

Be part of the Action with a Dreamworld wrist USB

During our recent trip to Dreamworld we went on all the exciting big thrill rides and in some cases Miss B would go on again so I could a photo of her enjoying the ride.  This was before I discovered the Dreamworld Whitewater World USB wrist band!

There are a couple of different options;

Tourist option where you pay $50 and can load as many photos on the 4GB USB in that day. You even share the cost with another family if you are enjoying your day at Dreamworld together (Therefore splitting the cost and making it a VERY good option

Locals most popular option USB for $22.95 pay as you go where each image will be $10 for non annual pass holders and $4.50 for annual pass holders!!  You then re-use the USB everytime you come.

The obvious benefits of this excellent idea are – YOU GET TO BE PART OF THE ACTION!  Also, you don’t have to try and lug a camera around for the day and be worried about it being lost or stolen.

This is a GREAT idea.  We were told about it by the lovely ladies in Motocoaster when collecting the action shot to the right.  (I swear Miss B is shrieking with excitement not fear! lol)

Whether you are there with friends or a Mumma Bear like me who loves to be on the thrill rides with my girls – this is AWESOME.


Wildlife photos are not included in the special image pricing but if paying for the wildlife photo they will be happy to put it on your USB, which means you can share it with your friends as soon as you get home! 

Miss B and I got this great photo holding Minin a 3 year old Koala who just loved hugs.  As we travel and can’t do a great deal with large colour photos – even though they are great, the USB option is fantastic.

What an affordable way to capture great memories with the whole family can be part of the action!

Happy and safe travels!

NB. Prices current as at the time of writing March 2017



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