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Bouncy Egg Experiment with Miss B

Bouncy Egg Experiment

Did you know you can make an egg bounce!  Miss B had so much fun with this experiment that we found on Homeschooled Science one of the many great resources on the Educational Websites and Resources page on our blog.

Miss B loves science and working out how things happen. The best bit about this experiment is it only needs two ingredients! I am not kidding and when travelling any experiment that needs only two ingredients is a good one!

You will neeed

Glass jar or cup  (Glass is better so you can see reaction taking place)

White Vinegar





There is a video of the experiment on our youtube channel here. Subscribe while you are there!

Softly place the egg in the glass jar or cup and pour white vinegar over the egg until the egg is completely covered in white vinegar.

Leave the glass cup somewhere safe for 24 hours.  Be sure to check on your egg during this time. 

The reaction begins almost immediately and bubbles will form on the eggshell and at times the egg will do somersaults in the white vinegar.

At the end of 24 hours, remove the egg from the white vinegar.  Wash the egg gently under water to remove the balance of the egg shell which is now like slime.

You now have a squishy, bouncy egg!!  It is very cool.  We then tried different heights as you can see in the youtube video.

Careful how high you go or it will SPLAT!!

Have fun experimenting and check out my Floating Art on a Plate.

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