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Canning River Regional Park Perth

Canning River Regional Park, Perth

Today Cake and Eat it 3 went to Canning River Regional Park Perth.

We set off early because it was going to get to 37 degrees today and even early in the day, it felt it.

Earlier in the week I had seen Trails WA talking about their Butterflies Birds and Bridges Trail.

This trail is a 4klm loop walk or bike trail twenty minutes from the city of Perth around the river from Kent Street Weir to Greenfield Street footbridge and return.

As the weather was pretty warm I think a lot of them stayed protected from the sun as we did too.

Don’t forget Hat, Sunscreen and Water bottle.

Only part of the trail has shade so a hat particularly in summer is a must.

The trail is easily accessible and suitable for people with disabilities or mums and dads with prams.

At the Kent st Weir there is a large grassed area and BMX bike track.  Perfect for camper trailers and smaller vans if you get there early enough so you secure a park in a good exit position.

We started our walk while many people were loading canoes into the river and off for a paddle.

It is a Grade 1 level and takes between 1 – 3 hours to complete depending on the ages of your team!

The good news for us was halfway through we were only a short detour from a bunnings.

Which means sausage sizzle Saturday! So we detoured and enjoyed a sausage sizzle then back on track to the Kent St Weir.

Eco Education Centre

Arriving back we went and had a look at the Canning River Eco Education Centre.  It may be small but a great Interactive Eco learning tool.

Hands on learning with touch tables, displays, interactive wall. Our daughter had to turn and look at every one of them and then write down in her trusty notebook the ones she liked.

It was a lovely area to visit a good way to expel some energy before a day you know will be full of driving and a twist of education without the kids noticing.

Canning River Regional Park Perth

There is 97 species of birds in the area. These include Pelican, Egret, Ducks, Spoonbills, swamp hens (which look lovely not at all like their name).  With the heat of today a lot of them were hiding but we still enjoyed the walk.

Picnic facilities are located at several places along the trail.  Wilson Park the area surrounding Kent St Weir has the Castledare Miniature Railway.

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