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Castles are awesome, Carcassonne is more Awesome!

I love CASTLES!  Castles are AWESOME!

Hi everyone this is Miss B and my first solo post, please be kind lol!!

Carcassonne has over 2500 years of history!! That is a lot of history. We went to the amazing medieval castle in Carcassonne.  It had a draw bridge, which is a bridge that can lift up so people can not get in to the city or castle.  Of course, when we went it was down and they let you in. 

There were little kids everywhere with swords, bow and arrows, armour and sling shots.  I really wanted a bow and arrow but when you are fulltime travelling  you cant have everything you want because of space.  When I visited Eger Fortress in Hungary, I got to try Archery and Nailed it!!  I drew a picture of a knight for art as part of worldschooling.

Watchtowers and Archery

You can walk in the watchtowers and see where the archers used to stand to guard the castle in case someone tried to invade (try and take over).  This has happened multiple times in history.

They have made it a lot stronger now and it would be much harder to invade the castle.  The city has two fortified walls! They are made of stone.  It is very, very strong.  The walls are to keep the baddies out and the people of the city safe.

We saw AMAZING views over Carcassonne. 

Inside the castle

When you enter the castle you watch a movie (11mins) that explains about the castle BUT you have to read subtitles, and quickly, so mum explained some of it when it was finished.  It had bits added over the years.

The person who did the plans to rebuild the castle was the same guy who did Notre Dame! 

When you are inside the rooms of the castle it is cool, it must be freezing in winter.  We were there in Summer.

We walked around the whole castle, mum and dad hired an audio guide for me, so I could listen to the history in English. We also got to go up the watchtowers. They had tiny holes that they could shoot their bow and arrows at any direction but the person on the outside would have to be lucky to get it through the tiny hole, this kept them safe.

Cost of tickets

Adults cost €9 and children under 18 are free with family (we were there in Summer 2017). It is totally worth it. The city and church are free to walk around. 

I really enjoyed Carcassonne and hope you do too!

Miss B

2 thoughts on “Castles are awesome, Carcassonne is more Awesome!

  1. Ahh, carcassone , it is truely magical, you brought back many memories of my visits there.
    You have intrigued me about egor castle I must add it to my bucket list.

  2. Wonderful review! I’ve seen photos of Carcassonne and always wanted to go. Now I want to visit even more and take my kids! We’re in the US, but hope to get to Europe eventually.

    That’s a really interesting fact that the architect for Norte Dame also worked on the Carcassonne Castle.

    Excellent drawing!

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