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Learning Sign Language

We were lucky enough just after arriving in Brisbane to have the opportunity to attend an Auslan  class (the language of the deaf community) learning Sign Language at my nieces school. The class was run by a lovely young lady Kim, who guided us through our lesson with a friendly smile. This is one of the things I love about homeschooling and travelling.  Opportunities present themselves it i...
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Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Synergy Park Well it may of been HOT but it is always so lovely to visit Kings Park and Botanic Garden Perth.  It is one of the largest inner city botanical gardens in the world.  Well worth the visit with hassle free parking, lots of shade and lots of Exploring, Learning and Playing.  Before you go download the Birds of Kings Park here. Today Cake and Eat it 3 had a friend of our Miss 9 in to...
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Scitech is Supercool

Cake and Eat it 3 think Scitech is Supercool in Perth, Western Australia.   Not only is there heaps of touch and feel activities but lots of fun and educational activities to get their little thinking. We attended two of their planetarium shows in the dome shaped theatre.  The first show we attended was titled "We are Astronomers" and the Second "Dark Universe".  Both were great the...
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Compound Interest

Compound Interest to help get you started in making this year count What steps have you put in place to get you started towards achieving your goals this year. Our post making this year count had a huge response which is great. More importantly is if everyone has not just read the article but thought about ways they can get started. Everyone will have different ideas, savings capacities and...
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Make this year count! Where to start

New year Create New habits to Make this year count! Being full-time on the road we get asked a lot how did we save or get to be in the position to be fulltime on the road.  Sadly, there is no secret weapon or magic pill that will achieve this for you, hard work, dedication and a plan is all it takes. With so many options and so much information available by so many sources it is easy to become...
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