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One Claw Two Claw RedClaw BlueClaw

One Claw Two Claw RedClaw BlueClaw On a recent trip home to visit our family we met our Nephews Red Claw and Blue Claw crayfish.  Better still, they liked each other and had decided to start a family! It was such an amazing sight that I wanted to share it with you.  The mumma carries her babies under her tail as shown in the picture here.  There was a LOT of babies and while we were there the...
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Magic Milk – Kids like Experiments

Magic Milk - Kids like Experiments Our previous posts were so popular on Floating Art on a plate and Bouncy Egg  - thank you to all our followers.  So we thought we would share another one we did called Magic Milk. Who doesn't like Magic!? We normally would hate to waste perfectly good food, even for a cool experiment. But, this uses such a small amount of milk and the benefits of creat...
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Bouncy Egg Experiment with Miss B

Bouncy Egg Experiment Did you know you can make an egg bounce!  Miss B had so much fun with this experiment that we found on Homeschooled Science one of the many great resources on the Educational Websites and Resources page on our blog. Miss B loves science and working out how things happen. The best bit about this experiment is it only needs two ingredients! I am not kidding and when travell...
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Adventure World Perth, Western Australia

Adventure On.... at Adventure World We have lived in Perth for three years.  Since leaving full-time work just recently (yes, it does feel as good as you think it's going to!) I have been exploring our local area of Perth. We have just connected with a lovely family from the UK (The Jones) on a facebook group we love called Worldschoolers.  Basically, families that school their children while...
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Floating Art on a Plate – Kids Love Experiments

Kids love Experiments, and lets face it, we all love experiments too!! This is a perfect rainy day activity and perfect for travelling families. Today is a bit dreary which is rare in Perth.  So we decided to add some colour to our day!! This is a fun activity you can do on the road with your kids that they will love! When I was preparing for our full-time travel launch next month (eeekkk ...
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