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Kids Birthdays on the Road

Birthdays on the Road As we get older we tend to be a lot happier not to cause a fuss when it comes to growing another year older. (Not me, I love birthdays, any excuse for a celebration really)  BUT when it comes to our kids, they are counted down, with great excitement and anticipation of being another whole year older. While on our roadtrip of Europe, Miss B turned 10! Yup double figures, w...
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Gas bottle refills in Europe

Gas bottle refills seems easy enough?! As most of you know, we bought our campervan in England to begin roadtripping Europe.  When we bought the van it came with two Calor 3.9kg gas bottles. Before taking off we had them refilled and had checked the gas cookers and oven to ensure they were all in working order. All good. One thing we had not taken into account was the difficulty in refiling...
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Roadtripping Europe

Roadtripping Europe is everything we thought it would be. We have now been on the road for just over a month and feeling the groove pretty well by now. Our pack down and set off routine is getting pretty organised and we all know our jobs to do so we get on the road quicker. Free Camping We try to free camp as often as we can, mainly to save funds but also they are some of the most beautif...
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Buying a Campervan or Motorhome in UK

Buying a Campervan or Motorhome in UK We flew into United Kingdom, Europe to buy a campervan and tour Europe for three and a half months in 2017. Did we plan, yes. Did we research before coming, yes hours and hours of internet trawling and forums. Have we owned a campervan before, yes. Did we know someone here, yes. To all of this, we say thank goodness.  We hope that our post will...
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Learning Sign Language

We were lucky enough just after arriving in Brisbane to have the opportunity to attend an Auslan  class (the language of the deaf community) learning Sign Language at my nieces school. The class was run by a lovely young lady Kim, who guided us through our lesson with a friendly smile. This is one of the things I love about homeschooling and travelling.  Opportunities present themselves it i...
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