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Cooking Class Florence…Yes Please

Cooking Class Florence

Cooking is a love of mine along with travelling and getting the opportunity to do a cooking course while travelling is a highlight of my travels.

Today was no exception.  Hubby found the course in Lonely Planet and we booked and paid for the cooking course through Florence Town who offer multiple tours and experiences in Florence and Tuscany areas.

Our chef for the day was Martina and started with a walk through the local market where they source their food and produce from.  Classes can have up to approximately 24 people. May & June are particularly busy months.

On this occasion our group was made up of a lovely family from Michigan, USA and myself.

Walking through the fresh food markets of any town or city I visit is something I always enjoy. Having someone to talk about what foods are traditionally used and ways in which they are prepared was fantastic.

Its the simple things that I love like, Did you know in Italy the stronger the sauce, the larger/fatter the pasta!

The two main types of cheese used in Italy are Parmigiano and Pecorino. 

The latter when sold always notes where it has been aged ie Pecorino Grotto, aged in a cave or Pecorino Roma, from Rome.  You will get the opportunity to taste them as part of your cooking course. Here is a short video of Martina explaining what is on the tasting plate.


I love learning about food but I love cooking it even more!

After leaving the market we made our way to the Kitchens of Food & Wine Academy Florence where we donned our Aprons!

Over the next 5 hours we whisked, kneaded and enjoyed learning the Italian way of cooking with Martina. We made two different types of pasta, Ravioli and Tagliatelle along with Tiramisu for dessert!

It was a lot of fun, professionally ran and the best bit was getting to eat it!

So, if you find yourself in Florence, love cooking as much as I do be sure to check out their website and book ahead so you dont miss out!

We have not benefited in any way for this review, The cost of the course is €79 at the time of writing.  Children under 13 are half price.




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