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Dreamworld Corroboree Educational Tour

Everyone loves Dreamworld!

We all grew up on the Gold Coast and spent so much time at Dreamworld it felt like a second home.  

Many wonderful memories were created here over the years and lots of school holidays spent sliding down waters slides, visiting all the native animals and laughing with friends on all the rides.

Did you know that Dreamworld offers educational tours? No, either did I, and I am so glad I found out about it!

Dreamworld offer multiple educational tours both self-guided and tour guided for various ages and interests.  You can see more information on the Dreamworld website here.


Dreamworld Corroboree

Dreamworld Corroboree is a permanent attraction Cake and Eat it 3 love to visit. Guaranteed to get your kids attention as it has lots of Animals.  It is one of Breanne’s favourite places to visit. 

She can ask questions about the animals (and boy does she like to ask a lot of questions!) and see the animals close up. 

We always make sure it is on the list of attractions to see when we do get to visit.  Not as often as we would like now we are on the road travelling fulltime.


Educational Tour – How was the Gold Coast Created?

Prior to our visit to Dreamworld, we arranged to do a tour of Dreamworld Corroboree.

We learned about the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories & Culture.

The tour commences prior to the park opening giving you a personalised and natural experience. I would highly recommend it to visitors from overseas and any families with children that may have sensitive sensory processing or be on the spectrum.

This is the ideal setting for them to be able to concentrate and absorb the information providing a full educational experience.

Our guide, Stacie Fogarty greeted us in the local Yugambeh language.  We were taken on a journey outlining the important connection of the Aboriginal people with the land and animals of Australia. 

There are examples of Rock Art and Totems by the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders on display.

Breanne being an avid artist, was very impressed with them!


The Cassowary, not your average bird!

She was also very impressed to learn and delighted to inform everyone we then met up with.  A Cassowary can use their middle toe, which has a long straight nail, to slice you open and your innards will fall out. Lovely!  But good to know!

Included in the tour is a stunning short film of how the Gold Coast was created. It is aptly titled ‘Creation of the Gold Coast’. 

The film was gifted by the local Yugambeh people to Dreamworld and narrated by Athol Compton. 

Both Breanne and I loved it! Well worth noting for your next visit. It is shown 3 times day and is also included in your Corroboree Tour.

Inside the theatre you will find something for all ages from digital dot paintings, animated indigenous films and information on Bush Food and Bush Medicine.


Want to know more about Yugambeh Heritage?

There are many tribes, languages and nation groups all over Australia and many more that we may not be aware of. There is a fantastic Tindale Map on the floor of theatre which helps provide an understanding of just how many known languages and groups there are.

For anyone wanting to continue learning about the Yugambeh language, the Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre is located approximately 25mins North from Dreamworld at Beenleigh.

Later in the day if you are able to return to Dreamworld Corroboree there are opportunities to learn about the tools used for hunting and how they were made.

You may even get the chance to throw a spear! Very Cool.

Breanne also had her face painted and was told a lovely story behind her design and shown how to say Smile in Bundjalung language “Minji”.

Important Facts

Small groups of people can book into the educational programs on offer. Dreamworld also offer large group bookings and you can contact the educational department through the website here.

There are educational entry rates available which are different to the general public rates.

You will require a booking form which is available here 2017 Education Booking Form also directly through their website here.

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We will share a few more of our awesome experiences at Dreamworld over the coming weeks!








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