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Equipment and Products Electronics and Extras

Equipment and Products Electronic and Extras

We have listed below some of the equipment and products we use while travelling that are Electronic or Extras.

We enjoy a variety of travel styles backpacking, motorhome in Australia, Hilux with rooftop tent in Australia, and campervan in Europe to name a few.

We get asked a lot about what we use and recommend so we thought we would compile a list and some comments on why or what we think where relevant.  Some of these links are ebay affiliate links that will take you to the item on ebay.   By linking the product we ensure you know the exact product we are talking about. Do your own research, find a cheaper price – we would of!  Check out our list of Kitchen Equipment here or Outside & Miscellaneous.


Tyre Dog Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Can see what pressure your tyres are from your dash while driving.

Tom Tom Go620 GPS
6″ Screen, Lifetime World Maps and Speed Cameras Alerts.

600W Sine Wave Inverter – we would not install one this small due to Nespresso Coffee Machine.  We will be upgrading this to a 2000W, which are much cheaper than when we bought our one!  We installed in under the cupboard below the sink and put a checkerplate cover with a hole to insert a pen to switch on/off.


Honda 2KVA Generator  20i up to 15 hours of continuous operation on a full fuel tank Lightweight (21kg).



DJI Phantom 4 – OK I do not need to say much more than boys and their drones (I hear a lot of wives groaning here lol) If used respectfully it is amazing the footage that can be obtained. If purchasing again I would look at the mavic due to how compact it is.


HP-OfficeJet-200-Small-Portable-Mobile-Printer-Wireless-w-No-62-Ink-CartridgesHP Officejet 150 wireless portable Printer and Scanner (current model HP Officejet 200). This is perfect for not only printing worksheets for Miss B schooling but also scanning in tax receipts and returning signed important documents to accountants ect.




External Hard Drives for both Movies, documentaries and reading lists and reference library for Miss B schooling.  These are available at all leading electrical retailers.



Person GME MT410G 406 MHz PLB in AUSTRALIA New Personal Locator Beacon with GPSal Locator Beacon There are many options that people may consider and what they feel comfortable with while fulltime travelling or doing the lap of Australia.  Mainly because we have two vehicles that we travel with (plus a quad) and fixed and mobile UHF radios we have many options to get help if required.  We felt that a Personal Locator Beacon was perfect for us and easily taken on the tinnie if need be too. You may like to consider a Satellite phone or sleeve.  

Selfie Stick with tripod base (link for android as thats what we have) with bluetooth remote for all those family photos that allows everyone too be in the photo





Logitech Boom Portable speaker for down the beach, at the park, outside your rig or in the car if your car radio is not modern enough for USB and bluetooth.


Blackvue Security and driving camera You cant be without this! It is able to be rotated (if installed correctly) to cover the inside of the van if you are out for the day.  This of course does not prevent your van from being broken into but if it is you have video footage to provide the police.


Dyson Handheld Vaccum  

Powerful handheld vacuum, Powerful suction that doesnt fade you will be surprised how handy this is, in the car, in the van and in particular in the beds.

Sirocco II Fan Caframo quite simply the BEST and quietest fan on the market. You will not be disappointed. We have two.  One that is mounted facing the main bed area and one that is mobile with a longer cord and cigarette lighter end on it.  This enables you to have it outside the van, in our daughters bed (we had a cigarette lighter installed there) It also means we can have it in the roof top tent and run the cord into the car on the hilux!



Redarc Solar Blanket 190W This is amazing, expensive yes but amazing! We have linked it between our motorhome and vehicle and had anderson plug connections put into both vehicles to ensure versatility and charging to occur even in overcast days.  When you free camp as much as we do this is very important. Solar is No. 1 of importance when fulltime travelling.




Waeco CFX65W Fridge Freezer which we have installed in the back of the Hilux.  This has been invaluable and not just as a beer fridge! When we went over the Nullarbor, we purchased meat when it was on sale and re-packaged them into same size portions and then stacked them into the freezer – this saved us hundreds over the trip there and back. And look at this deal I found following the link – you get a dometic food sealer & first aid kit too!



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