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Equipment and Products in the Kitchen

Equipment and Products in the Kitchen

We have listed below some of the equipment and products we use while travelling – in the Kitchen.

We enjoy a variety of travel styles backpacking, motorhome in Australia, Hilux with rooftop tent in Australia, and campervan in Europe to name a few.

We get asked a lot about what we use and recommend so we thought we would compile a list and some comments on why or what we think where relevant.  Some of these links are ebay affiliate links that will take you to the item on ebay.  That means we may benefit from you also purchasing however this is at no additional cost to you!  By linking the product we ensure you know the exact product we are talking about.  Check out our Electronic and Extras Equipment & Products here and Outside & Miscellaneous.


Tefal Ingenio Frypan and saucepan set with detachable handle – save space and you can’t beat tefal.  I use my chefs toolbox silicon eggflip only on it.

If the pan is hot you can spray with mix of washing detergent and vinegar (lifts grease – see cleaning section) and wipe out with paper towel! Saves water and quick.

Chefs Toolbox Saute Casserole Dish 
this dish is amazing, yes it is heavy don’t get me wrong BUT! You can make pizza on the stovetop, I am not kidding. No-one believes it when I show them they are amazed! I also use this dish for casseroles, apricot chicken, spaghetti bolognese, beef stroganoff – you get the idea!

Joseph Joseph Stretch, Expandable Silicone Trivet, Black As most travel tables are plastic and our internal tables we try and look after or cover in plastic, this is more important than you realise.  Love it have used it and compact.

Joseph Joseph Nesting Bowl set  Mixing bowls have large non-slip bases and wide carry handles.Set includes 10.5-inch/4.5L mixing bowl, 9-inch/3L colander, 7.5-inch/1.65L sieve, 6-inch/0.5L bowl with measurements and spout, 1/4 cup (60mL), 1/3 cup (85mL), 1/2 cup (125mL), and 1 cup (250mL) measuring cups and 1 Tablespoon.


Joseph Joseph 40071 TriScale Compact Folding Digital Kitchen Food Scale, White

Joseph Joseph Scales (yes more, they are well known for their space saving ideas!) Features an easy to read LCD display, touch-sensitive controls and an auto power-off feature. Digital scale folds down to a compact size for convenient storage. Tare features allows you to add and weigh multiple ingredients. And you guessed it compact! 


Large Pot NEW-SCANPAN-IMPACT-20CM-SAUCEPAN-amp-MULTI-STEAMER-SET-2-STAINLESS-STEEL-COOKWAREthat fits crabs, lobsters and big cookups.  Yes we have always been optimistic and fully intend to catch more crabs, yabbies and this pot has come in very handy.

Saucepan and Steamer set.  We are big meat and vegetable eaters and this gets used nearly everyday so get a good one.  I have had my set since I was 16, its not a scanpan and I prefer no glass lids, especially for travel.

Bamboo adjustable cutlery draw organiser I bought mine from kmart for $19 but does not appear they do them anymore.  Please ensure measurements fit your individual drawers/containers.



Correlle Dinnerware set  These dinner sets are very popular for many travellers due to their durability, light and easily replaced if need be.  Big W sells them as a standard line (at the time of writing)


Wine glasses – everyone has a preference for whether they are happy to drink out of plastic or if like me, prefer glass.  This list item is a double banger. I wanted to let you know for all the wine glass lovers out there – get yourself some tapered stubby coolers and protect your glasses for travel.  They are popular at trade events, camping shows etc.  Just insert upside down and wahlah!



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Dometic food sealer another very popular choice for fulltime travellers. Dometic brand runs on 12V and 240V providing flexibility no matter where you are. 

Great for those of you doing a long roadtrip or stumbling upon the clearance section at the local supermarket. Popular amongst the keen fisherperson for making their catch last too! Makes food last longer.


Of course these are not all our equipment & products in the kitchen.  We have lots of other items in the kitchen but the above provide a good outline of the main items for those of you letting family members know what you want for Christmas or preparing for your own adventures.

We will also be putting together, Outside items, Electronics and Extras and of course we already have what we took for schooling Miss B.

If you have any questions just drop us an email or message on facebook.


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