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Equipment and Products Outside & Miscellaneous

Equipment and Products Outside & Miscellaneous

We have listed below some of the equipment and products we use while travelling – Outside and just miscellaneous that make life easier or save us money.

We enjoy a variety of travel styles backpacking, motorhome in Australia, Hilux with rooftop tent in Australia, and campervan in Europe to name a few.

We get asked a lot about what we use and recommend so we thought we would compile a list and some comments on why or what we think where relevant.  Some of these links are ebay affiliate links that will take you to the item on ebay. That means we may benefit from you also purchasing however this is at no additional cost to you!  By linking the product we ensure you know the exact product we are talking about. Do your own research, find a cheaper price, no problem that’s what we would do!  For Electronic Equipment & Extras Products we took and  Kitchen Products


Flyscreens for Motorhome/Car Doors.  My mum made ours (thanks mum!) but we would not be without them.  We have had them on various vehicles we have owned over the years.  Mesh Sleeves to keep mozzies out but allow the breeze to flow through. They are easy to make (particularly when you are not the one doing it).  We made sure the edges had heavier material that can handle win and the door being open and shut, open and shut.  Velcro in various locations is very important (there is a video that I put up on our facebook page December 2017 to help others wanting to make them).  Anyone in the family sew?  Great Christmas present.


Ground Cover Floormat which we put down when we set up for more than a few days and the ground is grass or sand.  Helps stop all that is outside coming inside.  Well worth it, we actually use some commercial shadecloth which already had eyelets to peg down. Also available privacy screens for each end of annex. you can attach one at each end or just one end.  We have one of these which we move to whichever end we need to.


Weber BBQ as though this even needs a mention.  But the important part is to remember if buying the Baby Q which is one of the most popular due to size and weight being so important while travelling, make sure you get the high domed lid with thermostat.  This essentially along with the items below turns it into an oven for baking.

Casserole Dish for Weber Baby Q, fantastic for making potato bake, casseroles, Weber-Small-Casserole-Dishscones and so much more.
Put this on top of the Convection Trays you buy in packs of 10 and you have oven cooking.  Trivet tray, on top of convection trays great for when cooking fish, roasts or roast vegetables.

Windscreen sun Shade and Dash Mat to protect your vehicle from what will be at times very serious heat and sun. Not only does it look nice, easily replaced but keeps your cars dash looking good which will improve resale or longevity of your rig.

Steering Wheel cover to protect from sun damage, nicer to hold over long distances, easy to clean and replace if necessary.


Outdoor Oztrail Deluxe camp chairs – we are still on the fence on these, great when eating as they go all the way upright.  They are good but it is great to be able to put your feet up when relaxing, which you use a stool for.  The last one I had didn’t go fully upright or let you put your legs at 90 degrees. 1st world problems I know.  Just pointing out differences. 



Folding but sturdy Outdoor table by Lifetime this is really important when set up for any length of time, it becomes dinner table, school desk and creates a work space for cooking outside.




Toiletry bag with hook for visiting shower blocks and general storage while in van. Must have hanging hook for clean easy access.



Packing Cells, great for any type of travel all different sizes and colours makes it easier to identify if stacked together and keeps everything tidy.


Water Containers
– we have a 20ltr water container that sits in the hilux which we collect water while out and about and bring back to fill up the main tank.  This saves a lot of trouble not only with finding places that fit the motorhome but ease of getting it in and out of normally busy areas.  We also buy 3 x 10ltr Aussie Spring Water from Coles they are approx $4 not on sale.  We use these for drinking water when our tanks have sat for a bit until they have had a flush out.  We use these to collect water easily when out and about and both Miss B and Leanne can carry them and refill the tanks easily with limited strain.  The tops pop off making them perfect for refilling.  If and when they break easily replaced.  We also can fill two one for wash and one for rinse of item below…

20ltr Bucket with lid and plunger = washing machine, not kidding! Works great, easily filled in advance ready for the wash, 10 litres water for wash, 10litres for rinse.  Kids can burn off some energy and frustration plunging and doing the washing.  It is a great way to give them some chores to help out that are safe and so they feel they are contributing to the team.

Take some wire clothes hangers, easily stored, great for drying clothes on the road in the van or car if run of bad weather.  Take pegs too that can hold them in place if extra windy.

Thongs for showers, going to the beach, going to the pool.  Chilling out. 

Spare Keys, seems obvious, but boy will you be thankful if in fact you hadn’t thought of it.  Then store them somewhere safe and secure.  These are very difficult to replace and costly on the road.

Jerry Can for Fuel  We carry extra fuel always but particularly on large trips (like the Nullarbor) the Motorhome does not do anything like the kilometres the Hilux can and extra fuel means you can be a bit more selective where you fuel up, potentially saving you a lot of money.

Quechua Outdoor Shower we have all heard of the solar outdoor showers.  But we have THE best one we have seen from years and years of travelling and it’s pressurised!  They used to be only available from Decathalon in Europe but since December 2017 they now have a store in Australia (Sydney). So….. we highly recommend this outdoor shower from Quechua for multiple tasks while travelling.  One full 8ltr tank can shower all three of us easily.  Wash the car, was the dishes, dirty feet, back up toilet cassette cleaner when the dump points don’t have water. We leave it near the back window of the Hilux boot while driving and by the time we reach camp we have hot water and a shower. If you don’t have a shower in van don’t forget shower tent! 

Oztrail Organiser hung near door of van and holder of Bits n Bobs.  Suncreen, Mozzie Repellent, Insect spray, torches, coasters can openers, water bottle holders, all the things you need from outside to grab easily. 


Camelbak water backpacks So helpful for hydration especially if you like fossicking, hiking, jogging or long walks. 

Backup toilet cassette so we dont get…backed up Lol.  This is because we do a lot of freecamping and if there is no dumpoint it is important to have a plan.  Also if something where to go wrong with seals or caps etc. it is real handy to have some at the ready till you can replace it.


High Lumen Torch not only great for spotlighting at night, security for seeing longdistances but also a self protection tool that the kids can use if they get into trouble, it temporarily blinds you if shone in your eyes.  Use responsibly of course.



Walking Sticks for hiking or long walks, many different qualities you can buy and we have had various ones.  Depends on your budget, but they are great and will be used. 


First Aid Kit absolutely imperative.  You can just grab a Survival one or St Johns Ambulance one, but we recommend that you take the time to think about what sort of items you use SNAKE-BITE-KIT-SPIDER-BITE-KIT-2-IN-1-SNAKE-amp-SPIDER-BITE-FIRST-AID-KITwhile at home, it it likely this is also what you will need to be in your kit on the road.  Bandaids with kids is really important and in our daughter case ones she is not allergic too, so don’t assume these will be easily sourced be prepared. We also highly recommend a snake and spider bite kit.


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