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Kids Birthdays on the Road

Birthdays on the Road

As we get older we tend to be a lot happier not to cause a fuss when it comes to growing another year older. (Not me, I love birthdays, any excuse for a celebration really)  BUT when it comes to our kids, they are counted down, with great excitement and anticipation of being another whole year older.

While on our roadtrip of Europe, Miss B turned 10! Yup double figures, where do the years go!  We were in France (her favourite country) and with friends who had a daughter the same age which was a huge bonus!

The roadtrip was for three and a half months and involved over 8 countries in a campervan.  Space in our Motorhome in Australia was in short supply, this was even more so! We were very careful of ensuring ‘If it doesn’t need to be there, it’s gone’ – you all know how precious space is on the road travelling.  So apart from not passing any shopping centres, (as we know them with multiple department stores ect) and the space consideration there were no physical presents – GASP!!  We did not want to buy just anything, just for the sake of having something to give her. 


We were with friends, had everything we needed and let’s face it – we were in Europe!! In France, no less.  Our friends were kind enough to source a Lemon Tart (Miss Bs Favourite)  Just before her birthday we discussed how grateful we were about our trip and meeting so many of our friends, old and new and also being able to fulfill our goal we all spent so long working towards. 


While we were with our friends we went to Futuroscope which was great fun.  Experiences are a great present for travelling kids and no matter where you are there is always something new to experience. 

Whether travelling in Australia or overseas we normally participate in educational activities or nature activities so this was something new and exciting for the whole family.

There were lots of attractions including IMAX, 3D, 4D adventures, Illusion Show and a Drone academy show to name a few.

The morning of

You can make them feel special no matter where you are by blowing up balloons and covering their bed/floor area.  This was a huge hit and balloons are so easy to conceal in the campervan until the day.  Added bonus, they all had “joyeux anniversaire” (Happy Birthday in English) on them.  I took a great photo of them all around her – such a great way to get the birthday spirit pumping! She LOVED it!

Always make sure you have wifi ready for the day, this seems obvious, but is easier said than done in some areas we have travelled.  We had wifi and this allowed the family to call with all their birthday wishes, or as we do in our family, sing happy birthday – the earlier the better.  (Her older sister getting in first at 2am in the morning – and NO, I didn’t wake Miss B).  It is always great to hear from family especially when travelling for long lengths of time.


So the kids no what to expect it is important to take the time to talk about it and your experiences you have shared together.  If there are not going to be physical presents, talk about it before hand, not on the day. 

We will be giving Miss B a pair of Eiffel Tower Earrings as a memory of her time in France and her obvious love of it.  Anyone who missed her reaction to seeing it for the first time can check it out here.  We can not wait to go back next year.

She had a wonderful birthday on the road while travelling. Reflecting on it at the end of the day, she described it as “THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!” we must have done something right!

Happy Travels…






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