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Kids Corner 

If you have kids and are travelling or planning to travel, this is the perfect area to start on our blog.

We will share our experiences of worldschooling Miss B, the ups and downs and what we learn along the way. This will hopefully assure you that not only can you do it, you will rock it!

We took our eldest on many trips both in Australia and overseas when she was growing up too. It is lucky that both our girls love travel but to a large degree the kids feed of our energy. If you love it, see it as a adventure so will they. It can be stressful at times, but then even living at home can be stressful too.  

We love to connect with other travelling families so if we are near you (whether you are on the road travelling or still planning), drop us a line and say hello.

Dont forget to check out our educational websites and resources page and worksheets of various places we visit, I put them together for Miss B but lots of parents have given positive feedback that their kids loved them too.  I also have some of our travel friendly science experiments and other stuff on our youtube channel (hoping to add lots of helpful videos when I get the time) so don’t forget to subscribe, comment if you liked them so I know what everyone enjoys.




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