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Educational Apps

Educational Apps

We are living in the Digital Age and everyone has at least one tablet, phone or computer and in some cases all of them.  We have information at our fingertips like never before.

This list is constantly updated as is the Educational places of interest Australia by State and Educational Websites and Resources pages.

We constantly have people asking for recommendations and ideas for educational Apps for their kids whether Home Schoolers or World Schoolers so here they are in an easily shareable list.

Key Avail on A = Apple, G = Google – At the time of writing


Barefoot World Atlas  (A)

World Map Atlas 2016 (G)

Piiig Labs Science Experiments for Primary School Kids  (A)

Monster Physics (A)

Star Walk (A) (G)  and Star Walk for Kids (A) (G)

30 Ipad Apps for Students with Special Needs.

Travel Blog Journal App Off Exploring (G)

Earth School – Suitable Younger years 2-6 Years (A) (G)

Todo Math (A) (G)

Factor Samurai (A) Multiply & Division 

Mekorama (A) (G)

Medieval Maths Battle (A) (G)

Sight Words by Alligator Apps (A)

Puzzingo (A) (G) Different Editions on each

Raz Kids (A) (G)

Starfall Learn to Read (A) (G)

Superwhy ABC (A) (G)

Endless Alphabet (G), Endless Spanish (A) (G), Endless Reader (A) (G)

Epic (unlimited reading) (A) (G)

Reading Rainbow (A) (G)

Exploriments (A)

Geometry Dash (A) (G) Geometry Dash World (G)

Writing Wizard – Kids learn to write letters & words  (A) (G)

Writing Prompts by Writing.com 6+ (A) (G)

Rainbow Sentences 7+ (A) Encourages writing

Storybuilder (A) Helps with ideas when story writing

Spelling Slam (A)

Write about This 8+ (A) Fun images and Prompts spark creativity

Brain it on Physics Puzzle (A) (G)

Duolingo (A) (G)  Learn Languages

Stack the Countries (A) (G)

News-O-Matic Daily Reading (A) (G)

Yousician (A) (G)

Word Chums (A) (G)









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