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Educational Websites Resources

Educational Websites Resources
(Some may require membership)

We are teaching our daughter while travelling full time.  Like most parents education was one of the most important factors when planning our travel.

Depending on how long you are going for (3-6 months) you may choose to just have your kids write a journal. See our youtube video of Schooling on the Road what we took, what we actually needed and tips to help.

We will be fulltime travelling and therefore wanted to make sure we had an adequate resource library downloaded before we left.

We did hours and hours of research, downloading worksheets, lesson plans, reading soooo many options and fellow bloggers experiences to see what worked for them.  

We do have and encourage affiliate relationships and may benefit in some way by referring you to some of the following links now or in the future. We can confirm that we personally have used and found them helpful.

We have started the collection of helpful resources below and will continue to share educational resources we come across as well as our page Educational places of interest in Australia and Apps for Education

To make sure you don’t miss any updates follow us on our blog.

Maths Websites

TotSchooling  Great printables and easy to navigate site. Younger years.

Maths Learning Center AMAZING free resources, worksheets (and answers) reference manuals ALL age levels.  Definitely worth checking out, you can download for later use.

IXL  A Well known provider of a full range of subjects for a full curriculum choice They also offer printable worksheets that you can access without a membership

imaths – investigation based approach to numeracy

Study Ladder   (Multiple subjects available on this site by membership)  We personally use Studyladder

Dragonbox Algebra


Worksheet Factory Kindergarten and Primary School maths worksheets, time worksheets

BBC Skillwise – Numbers Middle to Upper primary and lower secondary. Program was developed for adults

BBC KS2 Bitesize – Maths This website provides games and activities in: numbers, shape, space and measures and handling data

Woodlands Junior School-UK This site provides activities and games in numbers, space, shapa, data and probability, measure skills and maths investigations

Arcademic Skill Builders Primary levels maths and language arts, games, money, time lots of activities

XP Maths Maths games, maths videos, maths worksheets, and maths e-books.

Teachingimage – Various Maths Worksheets, Time, Fractions etc

Prodigy Math – Create a parent login and student login so you can check their progress, math game that you can tailor to areas they need help with. Fun where they get to create a wizard, hair colour etc and go on adventures at the academy

Teaching Ideas Fractions Decimals Percentage Cards There are many wonderful resources other than this one but I love these cards

Homeschool Math Free Worksheets, Videos, Lessons and articles, games – excellent resource



Reading Writing Literacy

Reading Eggs which incorporates Eggy Words

Reading Booklist for Grades 1 to 12 Fantastic resource when trying to plan reading and comprehension, lesson plans for each year level or just age appropriate reading

ABC For Kids One for the preschool and Kindergarten, fun colourful and educational

Read Theory An excellent reading comprehension, pretest to see where they are placed more suited to middle upper primary

Grammar Education Guide from Supersummary, General grammar resources, grammar improvement resources, Teaching Resources, Grammar Study Resources

Education.com/preschool/fine motor skills helps with fine motor skills for your preschooler

Study Ladder   (Multiple subjects available on this site by membership)  We personally use Studyladder

Unlimited Reading Books Online for kids up under 12!  Epic!

IXL A Well known provider of a full range of subjects for a full curriculum choice They also offer printable worksheets that you can access without a membership

Starfall  Learn to read, maths component, homeschool membership available for additional resources

Rosie and Wallace story books Free Digital (PDF) story books you can read with your child, early readers

BBC Skillwise – English Was developed for adults to improve reading and writing skills but useful for upper primary and lower secondary

BBC Bitesize – English Games and Activities in reading, writing spelling and grammar younger learners

Read Write Think Parent Resources Learning ways to introduce children to reading and encourage them to write. Great lesson ideas, video resources to support learning. Fun and educational.

Woodlands Junior School UK Activities and games in words and spelling, grammar and punctuation

Dust Echoes: Ancient Stories, new voices Animated Aboriginal Dreaming Stories have been collected from the Wugularr (Beswick) Community in Arnhem Land. Pre-watch if audience is younger children. Study guides available.

Bookhive  Guide to children’s literature and books Reviews and recommended reads.



Earth Science WA Earth and Space, Environment, Field Guides

Grandpapencil great easy science experiment ideas

Science Kiddo Great homeschool ideas and science projects for at home

Geology for Kids, Many topics on Geology, this link is to the Rock Cycle but lots of options

The Rock Cycle – Earth Science Western Australia – Great paper on the different rock cycles and using actual places you can visit and discuss with the kids (as mentioned in our Wave Rock Educational worksheet)

Homeschooled Science Great resource and website with links on Space, Science, Math and Biology. Science for the Awesome Homeschooler. Suitable for all ages.

Woodlands Junior School UK Activities and games in living and life processes, physical processes, materials, earth and space

Car & Vehicle Science Experiments including Balloon Car Experiment, Forces in Action

BBC Bitesize – Science Lower and Middle Primary Games and activities Living things, Materials and Physical Physical processes.

Steve Spangler Science Experiments Chemistry, Density, Electricity, Energy, Magnetism, Light & Sound, Food Science

Queensland Museum Sciencentre at South Bank Offers interactive science and technology programs for children of all ages. But the link here will take you to resources page

Left Brain Craft Brain Science, Tech, Engineering and Art

UCAR Center for Science Education Great research, activities, The learning Zone has games and Classroom Activities

Biodigital (anatomy) – Explore the human body, Fantastic detail, mouse identification of parts. Fantastic resource but would want good data when using. Choose between different systems. Available on App too.

Health Direct Anatomy section really good resource, health topics

Museum of Tropical Queensland This museum houses the Maritime Archaeology section of Queensland Museum. This link takes you to the teacher resources link on their site.

The British Museum A Wealth of resources to assist with home learning. Like HUGE. Lists by age, grade, I LOVE this page and will be visiting them this year too!

Natural History Museum- Kids Only You know you all want to watch Night at the Museum again perfect tie in with lesson plans! We just watched them all again and they are fantastic! This site is for younger kids has games, quizzes, explorations of dinosaurs, animal adaptations and insect life. This might be a fun resource when visiting the dinosaur trail at Winton, QLD (check our Educational places of interest Australia by State)

CSIRO for older students and parents. Research link.

The Homeschooled Scientist Great site, Printables, Worksheets, experiments, lesson ideas

Science News for Students Multiple Topics Including Body & Brain, Earth & Environment, Physics & Chemistry, Space and Lide and Evolution to name a few.




Behind the News ABC News videos based on current affairs and events happening around the world.

Kids View – Parliament in Focus A usable interactive and informative website with resources for all ages and levels of knowledge to teach children how parliament works.

National Geographic Education – Mapping A great site about mapping. Includes games and easy to understand explanations

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) The world factbook includes country profiles, details on government, geography, people, climate and environmental issues. Great reference tool.

Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries Business and Trade, Plants, Animals, Fisheries, Environment, Biosecurity and research. Great resource for older students.



Little Passports  We have written a blog post on how fabulous this subscription is. Our daughter loved her subscription World Explorer and we are currently looking at their science program too. Yes we have an affiliate relationship with them as we love what they offer.  It prepared her for world travel with an understanding of other countries, distances and a particularly important one for her “what food and I going to eat”

TIME magazine for Kids (K-6) News for kids world events, kid reporters, homework helper

National Geographic Kids  – there is also a great App for National Geographic that you don’t need internet access for all content – my daughter LOVES it.

Around the World Stories Educational and Entertaining audio stories for kids aged 5-12 A great and memorable way to learn. Each story comes with a parent guide with activities, recipes and discussion topics that go along with the story!

Worldometers Populations of the world, search by regions, religion, country great for project work and researching countries


Miscellaneous or Multiple subject coverage

Teaching Ideas  FANTASTIC resource with lesson ideas, worksheets, videos with notes to lesson plan and printable resources to assist all age levels and all subjects.

Touch Typing skills BBC website which guides your kids through toexcellent resources.uch typing. A very handy skill to have. This site also has lots of other

Grandpapencil Great site, lots of printables, project ideas, science experiments – Love this site.


TeacherspayTeachers Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans – all grades, multiple subjects and topics, extensive resources, worksheets, printables, games.  Teachers from all over world.

Fact Monster Lots of multiple subject facts, conversion calculators, challenges, quizzes, Science projects, flashcards, Dictionary, Thesaurus and other resources.

Homeschooling Supplies Australia A fantastic site with multiple grade level and subject coverage and learn to read write spell kits. Additional resources, curriculum and books that you an purchase online

AnimalArk Wildlife Education and Training

Learn Creative an excellent cross curriculum resource offering course or ‘projects’ for ages 7-12.

Play Play Learn provides educational resources and consulting services to connect games and learning in libraries, schools, and homes for students of all ages.

Open 2 Study Free online courses for everyone. Check for start dates on your favourite courses.

Raebear Lots of free patterns for letters numbers and just for fun, Geeky, Artsy, recipes and more

Minecraft I think we all know this one! Creative skills abound here.

Design your homeschool A great site I came across for ideas on goal setting, ideas on designing your homeschool, where to begin – great help for mum and dad in getting started homeschooling

ResearchParent Another one for mum and dad, printables, book suggestions, learn and play ideas, various subject content

Apples 4 the Teacher An educational resources for Teachers and Homeshcoolers PreK to Grade 6

Collins i-SPY a great selection of i-spy books for minimal expense to get the most out of your travels to the zoo, gallery, seaside, nature

Twinkl Unique, teacher-created, planning and assessment materials and teaching resources!

Education City A developer and publisher of educational content.  An online teaching, learning and assessment resource

I Can teach my Child Great learning ideas, art projects mainly directed at younger age groups

Southern African Virtual School With an AMAZING virtual library ,Virtual meeting facilities and Comprehensive Course offerings worth checking out.

Global Guardian Project More than 50 pages of STEAM-based activities and educational content, jam-packed with captivating images, global stories, videos, podcasts, art projects and challenges to inspire and educate the entire family on environmental responsibility and social change. Individual learning capsules available

EdHelper  Free Educational Resources, weekly Spelling Lists, Worksheets, Printables. Excellent membership option that will give you a month of activities, comprehension sheets for popular reading (ie. Roald Dahl), maths – full curriculum for various age and grade levels. Very impressed and affordable.

Artventure For all the Art loving kids! Video Art Lessons and resource plans for primary schools, teachers and homeschooling families.

Brainpop Fantastic all rounder site, multiple subjects and easy to navigate, great reference tool for new ideas for lesson material

Edutopia Website for parents discussing learning issues, skills to overcome them, teaching strategies and educational topics, videos and suggestions for resources, grants etc

Khan Academy – learning for both parents and kids range of subjects and courses

FutureLearn Try high quality online education – enjoy free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations.  

Education.com Worksheets, Games, Songs, Lesson Plans, Exercises, all grades, teaching tools

Outschool Thousands of uniques classes online offered by independent teachers

Next Level Homeschool Online Classes Flexi schedule Understanding that different children learn in different ways. A homeschool mum herself.

Education World One for parents, great lesson plans by subject Great resource

Lets go Learn  Reading and Math Diagnostics Assessments

Virtual High School 24 hour high school online classes foster student initiative, self-motivation, self-advocation, event management and a host of other important learning skills for the twenty-first century

Time for Learning  Membership option following a curriculum, with back up support parent forum

DIY Online community for kids, projects, challenges

Discovery K12 Online homeschool platform and curriculum for pre-k to twelfth grade

How Stuff Works Explanations of you guessed it, How Stuff Works.  Helpful graphics, videos good resource tool.

Puzzle Maker This is a puzzle generator handy tool for creating and printing customized word searches, puzzles using your own word lists.There are Teacher Resources, Parent Resources to help your students in a range of personal development as well as educational areas on this site too.

Fun Brain Selection of interactive, fun games covering maths and english.

Handbook of Nature Study The home of outdoor hour challenge

Discovery School Education Resources to help Maths, Science, English, SOSE and others. Link is for Homework Help, videos to assist.

Primary Homework Help  Multiple subject and project research information



Duolingo – https://en.duolingo.com

Lifeprint (ASL) – www.lifeprint.com

Babbel Shortest path to real life conversations, main languages

Busuu Learn a language in 10 minutes a day



History for Kids –  Free online History Network



Horrible Histories Fantastic Fun way to look at History around the world, games, great video clips explaining History in a light comical and fun way for kids.


CODE – www.code.org

Tynker Create Apps, Coding for kids, Fly Drones, Control Robots, Mod Minecraft

Scratch Create Stories, Games, Animations which you can share

Free Code Camp learn coding self paced learning and challenges, an open source community that helps you learn to code


Anyone travelling Australia with kids homeschooling or worldschooling be sure to check out our Educational Places of Interest in Australia by State and the free Lets Explore and Car Bingo series of roadtrip sheets which can be screenshot on ipads before going so no data is required on the road.  This is ever growing and improving as we see more, hear about opportunities and can share them with you.

Happy Educating and Happy Travels!






































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