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Learning about London

Learning About London

Locate on the Map

Capital City: London

Continent: Europe

Main River/s: Thames River

Main Park:  Hyde Park (opens at 5:00am)

Flags of United Kingdom/England:

United Kingdom     and      Flag of England

Housing Styles:
What types of housing would you find there

Major Landmarks Breanne liked or would like to visit while we are there

Red Telephone Box – Icon of England   (and we love telephone boxes unfortunately they are phasing out and I may not get to complete my black and white photo project we started many moons ago)

London Bridge – opened in 1973 and is 269m long  and Tower Bridge 1886 – 1894 Suspension Bridge

Big Ben – the bell in the clock tower he weighs 13.5 tonne!! He is wider than he is tall. Very cool.
Natural History Museum – after many hours watching Night at the Museum movies this was a given she would want to go here!

Stonehenge A piece of history that can not be missed

The British Museum Home of over 8 million works Miss B loves museums

Lake District National Park – We will definitely be checking out Windermere area and the home of Beatrix Potter  (the creator of Peter Rabbit)



York Minster Largest palace in Northern Europe Built 18th century


The Eden Project – Learn about sustainable living and interactive displays    www.strategyforsustainability.com


Cambridge University – Interesting it is the second oldest university in the English-Speaking world


Population:  65,511,098




Aus $1 =  .61 British Pound

We visited a money changer and changed some Australian Dollars to British Pounds.  (as we needed some ready for our upcoming trip)



British Artists, we learnt about Thomas Gainsborough and Breanne picked a piece of art to try and draw called Master John Heathcote 1770

  Authors we know:  Roald Dahl (technically a Norwegian but educated in British schools)-  We read The Magic Finger as part of the weeks activities.  A favourite of mine growing up was Enid Blyton – how I would get lost in the adventures of the Faraway Tree.


Famous Singers / British Singers.  Breanne was very happy to learn that Adele and Ed Sheeran are British singers along with some older ones that she likes Beatles, Elton John and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones


Food  (we are cooking some of the dishes to try)

Breakfast is very much the same as Australia.  Cereal, Toast, Eggs/Bacon/baked beans/sausages

Morning Tea – Scones with Jam & Cream  or Fruit

Lunch is Sandwiches and a piece of fruit

Dinners – Bangers and Mash  –  Sausages and Mashed potato, Meat and two veg

Special Dinner – Roast lamb  (mums favourite) don’t forget the mint jelly!

Desert: Puddings, Treacle

Vegetables grown in England, like potatoes, carrots, peas, cabbages and onions


Breanne made Bangers and Mash









Aus $1 = .61   

We visited a money changer and converted some Australian Dollars into Brittish Pounds

We discussed different power cord connections and how every country is different.


Story involving something about London.

Breanne wrote a beautiful story about a Brittish Bulldog and Beagle escaping their backyard and exploring London. You can read it now Breanne UK Story


Fun History

Horrible Histories

Monarchs Song Kings and Queens of England


Crazy Laws – Terrible Tudors



Tudor Sugar Paste Toothpaste



Horrible Facts about London’s History



Other Resources used:

Oxford Australian Curriculum Atlas year 3-4




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