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Floating Art on a Plate – Kids Love Experiments

Kids love Experiments, and lets face it, we all love experiments too!!

This is a perfect rainy day activity and perfect for travelling families.

Today is a bit dreary which is rare in Perth.  So we decided to add some colour to our day!! This is a fun activity you can do on the road with your kids that they will love!

When I was preparing for our full-time travel launch next month (eeekkk NEXT MONTH wahoo!!) I found it was hard to find experiments that don’t need loads of ingredients and supplies that lets face it, we just don’t take with us when travelling. Space is premium.

This experiment below does not need a lot of ingredients and uses things most of you will have on hand.  Better still not a lot of mess to clean up!

I will be saving all the kids related posts from our travels and activities on our blog under kids corner.  We have just created a youtube channel for Cake and Eat it 3 too so lots of stuff to share coming soon be sure to duck over and subscribe.

Kids love Experiments – Floating Art on a Plate

You will need:

White plate best as it helps the artwork stand out more

Relatively fresh whiteboard markers (these are a must have item for our worldschooling anyway- blog post coming soon on what we take/use for worldschooling both in our home country and on overseas travel)


Straw  (not necessary but especially for smaller kids, helpful) recommend for bringing art back to life if inquisitive fingers touch them 🙂

Plastic tablecloth  (optional but we have a $2 party cloth which is invaluable for these situations and folds away easily)


Method and what we found helpful:

When drawing artwork use lots of whiteboard marker and make solid shapes for best result.  The thick ones worked better than our pen like ones.

As stated in video green does not seem to work as well, I do not know why but if I had a choice Red & Blue work best.

Once you have drawn your artwork wait to dry or speed up the drying process by blowing on it. 

Slowly pour water from the edge not directly on the artwork and see if starts to lift.  If it does not, take plate to sink pour water off and do water again – it will work!  You can also check out our youtube video here.

If it is hanging on to the plate by a corner you can place your finger lightly on the artwork and gently pull across top so it peels off plate.

If the artwork folds on itself you can use your straw to blow on the area and it will ‘undo’

This took us a few tries to get right so be patient if the first time does not work.


Hope you enjoyed this post, we will be sharing lots of educational and fun activities we come across on our travels so be sure to follow the blog so you don’t miss out on any!

Don’t forget we have a page on Educational Websites and Resources Educational Apps List and Educational Places of Interest in Australia by State. These pages are extremely popular and we add to them all the time as we are researching learning opportunities while we travel.










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