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Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Synergy Park

Well it may of been HOT but it is always so lovely to visit Kings Park and Botanic Garden Perth.  It is one of the largest inner city botanical gardens in the world.  Well worth the visit with hassle free parking, lots of shade and lots of Exploring, Learning and Playing.  Before you go download the Birds of Kings Park here.

Today Cake and Eat it 3 had a friend of our Miss 9 in tow.  They had a lovely time playing in Synergy Park.  They were particularly grateful for the water feature on Lycopod Island with water misters (as was mum!!).  Lycopods were the first trees that existed some 1,200 million years ago.

Synergy Park is a wonderful area for the younger kids with the usual slides and fireman pole, swings and a great ‘Windy Walkway’ 75m long and up to 2.5m high raised walkway the kids will love and made out of recycled wood! 

For your Dinosaur lovers, they will be in heaven with life size Dinosaurs they can climb that roamed here a long, long time ago!




A short drive up to the main botanical gardens you will be rewarded with amazing views over Perth City and Swan River.

Guided Walks

There are many fabulous walks and opportunities for educational discussions.   Free Guided walks are available at various times ran by volunteers. They depart from outside Aspects of Kings Park on Fraser Avenue, Kings Park.  Click here for more information.

Annual Kings Park Festival

For those of you planning travel itineraries in September each year there is a Kings Park Festival.

A Festival with floral displays, live music, exhibitions, workshops, interpretive artworks, guided walks and family activities during the entire month of September.  In addition to this festival there are multiple Summer events including cinema, concerts and theatre so check their website ahead of your visit to make the most of your time at Kings Park and Botanic Garden.


You could easily spend more than one day here and it is an easy walk into the city down the beautiful avenue of red-flowering gums (one of my favourite).  We have visited multiple times and always enjoy it, learn something new and Miss 9 always wants to go back.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden we will be back!





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