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Learning about Italy

Learning about Italy

We knew we were going to love this week!  Home Economics played a big part this week as we LOVE Italian food. 

It was fun knowing that we are going there soon and are actually going to try the food, see the Colosseum and Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Locating Italy on a map







Capital City




Main River/s

There are three main rivers in Italy. The Po, Adige and Tiber Rivers

Flag of Italy

We made an Art project out of learning the flag this week.

Mainly because our beloved art box and contents is going to gifted to the little girl next door as we finish our final stages of packing, selling and cleaning ready for fulltime travel – not long now!! We used three different styles and really enjoyed it recycling where possible.

We had a lot of fun!

Housing Styles

Due to the History there are so many different types of housing/architecture.

It wont be long until we can see it with our own eyes as we will be visiting Italy in the next couple of months!


Major Landmarks Breanne liked or would like to visit while we are there


Leaning Tower of Pisa


Blue Grotto  (I thought she made this up, but when I asked her she said – The Sea Caves mum, don’t you know them!? – I do now)



59, 798, 658




Aus $1 =  EU .71284


The Arts

We did some research on Leonardo Da Vinci and were amazed at the number of interests he had including, Painter, Sculptor, Musician, Scientist, Mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, botanist and writer!!  What a talented man.

Miss B drew a picture of his Lady with Ermine.  This then led to research on what an Ermine is.  Very cute!  It is also known as a stoat, a short tailed weasel and is a mammal.

Breanne was very happy to find a duet between Andrea Bortcelli and Ariana Grande (not kidding) and it is AMAZING  check it out here

Miss B was less than impressed with the statue of David.  (That is inappropriate she declared) Boy is it going to raise some eyebrows when she sees it in person.

Food  (we are cooking some of the dishes to try)

Breakfast  Coffee Bread Rolls butter and Jam

Morning Tea -Biscottate, cookies

Lunch – In some case there are two courses for lunch Pasta, Rice for first course, then meat or fish for second course served with a side dish of vegetable or salad

Dinners –  Spaghetti, Lasagne, Pizza, similar to lunch

Desert: Connoli, Pana Cotta, Gelato, Tiramisu,    (Oh am I in trouble!! Yum!!)

Who doesn’t LOVE pasta!!  I strongly believe that there must be Italian heritage in my bloodline as I LOVE Italian food so much!  Miss B too.  We really went to town this week as it is a favourite of ours.  Cooking dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese, Lasagne and Pizza!

Here are some of the pictures!

We loved learning about Italy and hopefully you will too!

We add this Learning about Italy to our Kids Corner joining Learning about London and Learning about China.

 Other Resources used:

Oxford Australian Curriculum Atlas year 3-4


You tube



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