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Learning Sign Language

We were lucky enough just after arriving in Brisbane to have the opportunity to attend an Auslan  class (the language of the deaf community) learning Sign Language at my nieces school.

The class was run by a lovely young lady Kim, who guided us through our lesson with a friendly smile.

Image result for auslan signs imageThis is one of the things I love about homeschooling and travelling.  Opportunities present themselves it is just up to us to accept these opportunities to learn something new.

I learned the sign language alphabet when I was in grade 3 primary school due to a school class member being deaf.  What a valuable thing to learn. 

Fast forward a number of years (not saying how many..). I now have a niece that has hearing difficulties and has cochlear implants and being able to communicate with her is very important to us.

The program is ran by the school which offers parents and families of students the opportunity to learn Auslan.  The school provides mixed student classes of variable hearing abilities.

Our daughter knows her alphabet and I was so proud when we did a test during our class to write down what the teacher was signing to us and she got 100%  Way to go Breanne!

Here is a short video of Breanne thanking Kim and signing “lovely to meet you”.

We learned many new words and had such a lovely time.  For anyone wanting to learn Auslan there is a great App RIDBC Auslan Tutor Key Signs.

Moving forward Cake and Eat it 3 is looking to provide some of our video from certain travel we do with signing support. 

Please let us know if that is something you would enjoy. Don’t forget to sign up to the blog so you dont miss our updates.

The Auslan Signbank has a dictionary, research and finger spelling to assist you getting started!



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