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Make this year count! Where to start

New year Create New habits to Make this year count!

Being full-time on the road we get asked a lot how did we save or get to be in the position to be fulltime on the road.  Sadly, there is no secret weapon or magic pill that will achieve this for you, hard work, dedication and a plan is all it takes.

With so many options and so much information available by so many sources it is easy to become overwhelmed. 

There is no exact science or step by step plan. It is as simple as just starting.

Start to educate yourself. It is going to be a pretty turbulent year economically and this is a great time to watch and learn.  

Learn how international changes affect different markets you may be considering investing in both good and bad.

Learn which sources of information contain genuine market information and which ones enjoy sensational fear headlines and “following the pack” mentality.   Not all media is reliable and independent.

Where to start

I have provided 12 months of ideas to get you started to make this year count.

One thing is for certain it will be as great as you make it!


Firstly, Just get started! Every Dollar counts, so get a money box if need be and put $10 a week or whatever you can afford, it is amazing how fast it grows, so just start!

piggy-bankAlternatively, set up a direct debit from your pay preferably for 5% of what you earn if possible – you will be surprised after the first two months, you wont even miss it.

Keep in mind you would have to survive if work cut back your hours or you lost your job. When you get over the initial two months you will adjust to the change.



Identify areas you can save more by negotiating better rates on electricity, phones, shop around on your insurance ask for a better price, as a result you will reach your goal quicker.  We do this every time an annual bill comes in, ensuring that we are making every dollar count.



Make a start learning a new area of investment shares, term deposits, gold and silver, property. The best investment you can make is in yourself.  We are always learning, when a new investment class or idea comes up we read about it ask questions and try to have an understanding of what it is, irrespective of whether we want to invest in it.



Acknowledge your accomplishments so far.  Remember why you are doing it. Most of all Keep It Up – Are you on track to make this year count?  If you have slacked off it may be time to put some photos up or join a few facebook groups of those you know already achieving your goal to provide motivation.



Join a meetup group that shares your desire to accomplish more!


Make any necessary changes to your plan  – your investment portfolio is like a living thing. It is ever changing so don’t be afraid to alter it based on new experience or knowledge you have acquired.  How is your savings going, could they be moved into a better interest earning account or maybe time to buy some blue chip shares with minimum 5% dividends.  NO risk or penny shares or cross your finger type investing.



Jump into the new financial year. Look at more income opportunities, a second job, babysitting, cut costs back anywhere, career advancement. You could sell off unwanted excess furniture, clothes, books not being used and put the money away.  While we were building our investments, we had up to three jobs at a time, every bit counts.



Apply for a share trade account and use the research resources they all provide.  Learn more about shares and companies in various sectors for a balanced long term portfolio.  This type of investing can provide income while you are on the road (for now though, sign up for dividend reinvesting where possible to build holdings)



Surround yourself with positive people and positive affirmations! The more the better! If you have negative people surrounding you learn to deal with and stop absorbing negativity.

What we think we are - positive thoughts


Viewing open houses. Even if your not ready to buy yet you need to understand the land sizes and the market you intend to buy into. This will help ensure you are comparing apples with apples.  If you are not looking to buy property, start your research into the rig you would like to end up with, additions people make and what you MUST have 



Negotiate better rates. Whether that be interest rates, savings accounts, electricity rates, phone plans, purchase price on property, always negotiate a better price/rate or plan



Reduce any non income producing debt (car loans, credit card, store cards).

At this time of year think of ideas for gifts that don’t end up on the credit card (home made cooking, nights babysitting voucher) see our article on How are you paying for your Christmas Shopping

Be forward thinking with gifts for the kids, we have a Christmas gifts for kids who travel that may help you.

In conclusion and Most of all – Make this year count!








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