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Precious metals, Gold, Silver – The Big Picture View


Investment Classes

The main investment classes in Australia are Property and Shares (and their extended and varied parts of those investment classes). 

Building a diversified investment portfolio is imperative to the success of your portfolio. This will ensure that in the unfortunate event an investment class is adversely affected, your other investments in other investment classes keep growing. 

This will ensure you continue to receive an income and have stability, while the affected investment class recovers.  This will avoid sudden sell-offs. Avoid you being forced to sell in a bad market because of financial pressures and give you the ability to ride through the down time in any market.

I have a good friend, who has done a lot of research over many years investing in precious metals.  Provided below is a guide on why he believes Precious Metals, particularly Silver, are a worthwhile inclusion in your investment portfolio.

Even if it is not an area you have considered investing in, it is always good to read about different asset classes and understand shifts in the economy and how each of these areas are affected.

Check out Precious Metals Gold, Silver -The Big Picture View

Research, Research, Educate as always.  No one cares about your money more than you.

Happy Investing!



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