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One Claw Two Claw RedClaw BlueClaw

One Claw Two Claw RedClaw BlueClaw

On a recent trip home to visit our family we met our Nephews Red Claw and Blue Claw crayfish.  Better still, they liked each other and had decided to start a family!

It was such an amazing sight that I wanted to share it with you.  The mumma carries her babies under her tail as shown in the picture here.  There was a LOT of babies and while we were there they all stayed snug inside. 

I have had my sister send some updated photos of the babies to show you their progress and they are sooooooo cute!   The young will leave their mother 1-2 weeks after hatching.

The other interesting fact is that the mum and dad are different, one is a Blueclaw and one is a Redclaw Crayfish.

They are a tropical species native to the rivers of north-west Queensland and the Northern Territory in Australia.

Fisheries & Aquaculture provide the following information. Female Redclaw brood their eggs for six-ten weeks, depending on temperature. Most produce between 300 and 800 eggs per brood. There may be between three to five broods during the breeding season. Hatchlings resemble the adult form and remain attached to the underside of the female for several weeks before progressively becoming independent.

Redclaw_Crayfish Fact Sheet from Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Mines Northern Territory.

I have uploaded a short video to youtube of mum coming out to say hello while the babies are still under her tail if your interested in seeing her in action.

Isn’t nature amazing!!


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