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Roadtrip across the Nullarbor

Cake and Eat it 3’s Roadtrip across the Nullarbor

It is on most Australians to do list at some point, to roadtrip the Nullarbor.  1200 kilometres mostly dead straight road across Western Australia and into South Australia.

Nullarbor which comes from the latin, Nullus meaning no and Arbor meaning trees is quite accurate for  a majority of the roadtrip.  

Depending on which side of Australia you are coming from you will begin and end between Ceduna, South Australia and Norseman, Western Australia. 

Hubby has done the trip many times in various vehicles and we went in knowing what to expect. But what do you expect?

There are some important points to consider when planning your roadtrip across the Nullarbor;

Take plenty of water with you.  Make no mistake it is a long journey, desert temperatures and water is not easily accessible. 

Food is expensive across the Nullarbor, so be prepared. There are no IGA or super markets just roadhouses and roadhouse prices (one can of baked beans was like $10 at one stop). Take into consideration that the borders will take all fruit and some other items at Quarantine stops. For more info on Quarantine information see Western Australia or SA_quarantine_brochure_September_2017  If in doubt call them WA 08 9039 3227 and
SA 1300 666 010.

Don’t forget the driving munchies too!

Check all tyres (including spare) before you start the roadtrip across the Nullarbor on the Eyre Highway.

Tool box with spare fuses, bulbs and basic tools which is pretty standard on any roadtrip.

Take a first aid kit with you.

What will you see?

A lot of desert and straight road! You will also see LOTS of roadkill.  This is a good time to remind you DO NOT drive on dusk or dawn, this is when a majority of animals are on the move and the risk of hitting one is increased dramatically.  This is not good, obviously for the animal but also the damage it can do to your vehicle/rig let alone the potential for a more serious accident by swerving or running off the road – you get the idea.

The Great Australian Bight. Well worth stopping (closer to SA best lookout). You may even spot Osprey who nest in the cliffs.   Did you know Australia used to be connected to Antarctica over 60 million years ago! 

Animals, the alive variety, during the day are not as abundant as I had thought.  We did see an Emu right beside the road which was pretty cool!  Lizards at various rest stops and birds during the roadtrip across the Nullabor.

The famous sign, showing camels, wombats and kangaroos 
next 88klms!


Saltbush and Bluebushes along the roadside.




Australia’s biggest windmill in Penong, SA 



Fuel is very expensive in the middle of the Nullarbor, if possible carry additional fuel with you so you can choose to top up less in the middle where it is more expensive.  This is also important if you detour off the main road to have reserves with you.

Camping Options

There is a variety of options for accommodation, we free camped all but one night of the entire roadtrip.  We use Camps 5 book (newest edition Camps 9) and Wikicamps available on Iphone and Android

First Night: Woorlba East Rest Area (97km west of Caiguna) Toilets, tables shade.  We met two guys here that were travelling the world on motorbikes had a great yarn, coffee and shared some food as they had not realised how difficult and expensive food would be on the Nullarbor.

Lat 32 26 12 S Long 124 06 17 E

Second Night: Moodini Bluff Rest Area

90klms West of Mundrabilla or 47km East of Madura. Large area toilet available, bins and easy access in and out.

Average Telstra Phone reception

Lat 31 54 35 S Long 127 17 15 E


Third Night: Scenic Lookout (111k Peg) along Great Australian Bight no facilities 

Lat 31 34 40 S Long 130 08 46 E



Fourth Night off the Nullabor but well worth the mention: Wirrulla Caravan Park $10.00 a night includes 4 power points (first in best dressed), shower, playground, bike track.  We love to support small towns and coming across this beautiful town we happily paid $10.00 a night and washed hair!

LOT 101 Hay Terrace, Wirrulla SA 5661
on the way back….

Night One 222k peg Rest Area 
No services, just bins
Lat 31 21 53 S  Long 131 16 02 E
Night Two Moodini Bluff Rest Area, as above on way over
(pure co-incidence)
Night Three Fraser Range Rest Area
Approximately 82km out of Norseman, part of the Great Western Wood
lands which more 20% of Australia’s native plant species and 20% of Australia’s eucalyptus species exist here.

Toilet, Dump Point, depending on weather a great jogging track out the back.

Lat 32 04 24 S  Long 122 35 36 E

Norseman Information Centre has showers available at $2.00 for approx 4mins.  Water for a gold coin donation. Be sure to read about how Norseman got its name while your there!
Take into consideration that the wildflowers are out in Western Australia September/October.
The Southern Right Whales are in the Head of the Bight June to October.
The Nullarbor is one of the most friendly stretches of road! At least 90% of people waved, so be ready to spread the friendship and great Aussie spirit and wave away!

We created educational worksheets for those of you with kids, we prepared them for our daughter but happy to share with you here.  One for Wave Rock too.

We are a fulltime travelling family and invite you to follow our adventures on Facebook, Instagram or the Blog.

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  1. We have been across the nullabor a couple of times but a few years back. miss the travel, illness the only thing stopping us. hopefully we can do it again this year.
    thank you for helping me to get motivated again.

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