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Savings and Budgets

Savings and Budgets

Savings and Budgets obviously play a big part in determining how quickly you get on the road and travel.  How long you can continue to travel once on the road and how far you can go.

Cake and Eat it 3 only became possible with LOTS of savings and budgeting.  We will continue to look for and use what we have found and are more thsavings-and-budgetsan happy to share as many as we can with you all to help you achieve your cake too!

There is a lot of information on the web that will give you ideas or ways to save.

Some people are excellent savers and others cant have a money box without stealing from it.

Savings and Budgets assisted us dramatically and they can help you get on the road faster too!

We have come across many memberships reward programs and tips and tricks that we will share here along with Statistics on Expenses as we travel.

Watching what you spend or where your money goes is a great skill to learn and it will serve you well once you are on the road too.

Menu planning and lists, warning we LOVE lists!  All sorts of lists, to do lists, shopping lists, goal lists, lists of ways to save money help you achieve your goal. Every dollar you save can get you on the road plane or whatever method of travel you choose faster.

Because we love lots of different types of travel there will be something for everyone.

Once you have formed good savings and budget habits it will become second nature. When you see the results in your bank account you will become more enthusiastic towards adding additional methods to get you there faster.

Setting the goal is as important as reaching it.  So maintain the motivation and Lets get saving!




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