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Schooling Miss B

I am sure most of you will agree that when you first decide to travel whether in Australia or overseas, the first concern that pops up is Schooling. 

This of course was the same for us. Our decision was helped a lot by the fact I did all my high school by correspondence and also a lot of external study since leaving high school too.  We have also done a lot of travel both in Australia and overseas with our eldest daughter who turned out pretty good we think (we may be a little bit bias, but hey).

We spent a LOT of time preparing, we took and still do, education very seriously and some may say we went a little crazy making sure we were prepared.  But you have to do what makes you feel comfortable and organised.  Don’t forget to check out our page Educational websites and resources where we share 100’s of resources we refer to or have been told about.

We have written enough posts on what we took for schooling and we added a video on our youtube account to show what works for us road schooling – an honest opinion.  So be sure to duck over to the above link and subscribe so you don’t miss anything.


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