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Scitech is Supercool

Cake and Eat it 3

think Scitech is Supercool in Perth, Western Australia.  

Not only is there heaps of touch and feel activities but lots of fun and educational activities to get their little thinking.

We attended two of their planetarium shows in the dome shaped theatre. 

The first show we attended was titled “We are Astronomers” and the Second “Dark Universe”.  Both were great the first being more suited to a younger audience I feel. So much talk of Galaxies, Super Nova’s, Stars and Planets was fantastic.  There is a VERY big world out there.

There are various areas aimed at different age groups and some areas that the fun applies to all ages.

We spent ages sending messages by air, jumping on big cushion chairs to send them to the recipient at the other end – very cool fun!



BHP Billiton Exhibition

Breanne raced against a paralympian (at least 10 times) this was a very popular activity.  It was one of many in the Bionic Me area of the BHP Billiton Exhibition. 

Such a fantastic exhibit featuring amazing Industrial and medical breakthroughs.  Using problem solving skills and physical activity.


We used robotic arms operated by camera utilising our hand movements to pick up a ping pong ball. There was a full size Human Skeletal/Nervous System/Muscle slide.  

Science Theatre

We made sure to log the Science Theatre show times when we arrived and was so glad we did! 

Shanii of Scitech was so enthusiastic in her presentation and engagement of her audience, it was enjoyed by young and old. Even those who may think they are too cool for school and thinking its for little kids (aka my Miss 9 walking in looking at all the toddlers attending)

There was lots of explosions which is heaps of fun and largely due to some core ingredients included in all good Science experiments

  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen and
  • Flame

We knew we were in for a good show!  But truly the thing that made the show was Shanii and her genuine enthusiasm for Science.  Miss 9 was very impressed!

What a great day we had for a reasonable entry fee.  All day parking available right at the entrance (you will be given a parking ticket to put on dashboard on entry) there is both undercover parking up to 2.1m and open car parking. 

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