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South Australia

We have been to South Australia a number of times over the years, Brett even lived there for a while many moons ago. 

On our most recent trip across the Nullarbor and on the way the back, we spent some time visiting friends in Adelaide and made our way to Parham, Streaky Bay, Point Labatt and a number of other areas.

One thing for certain was, it was windy.  No matter where we were, we visited in December 2017, January 2018.

Where did we stay

New Years Eve we stayed at our friends house, otherwise we free camped most of the way.  We have shared places we stayed here.

Playground worth noting

We came across an amazing playground for kids and adults alike (don‘t know who had more fun!) St Kilda Adventure Playground.  We videoed the park which is up on our youtube channel.  The best bit was it is right beside an area you can stay low cost if self contained (toilets there and dump point). Check out the places we stayed for more details.  Great proximity to Adelaide!!

Port Parham

Lovely spot on the water where we got to try our hand at catching blue swimmer crabs! What an experience (without the right equipment). Armed with the smallest net we possessed, hession bag and a LOT of patience.  We always check the legal limits before setting off.  We had a blast, got loads of exercise and caught 4.  It is normally a lot better I am told but we were near a full moon so was not expecting much. We did have FUN though.

Nullarbor and Edward John Eyre

There is no such thing as school holidays when fulltime travelling.  We took the opportunity while going across the Nullarbor and in and around Adelaide, to research and learn about the European explorer Edward John Eyre.  We wrote a few worksheets for Miss B (including Nullarbor..ing..not! and Edward John Eye) and have shared them for other travelling families.  We even stayed at Eyre’s Waterhole near Streaky Bay and saw where they camped when on their expedition. 

Iron Knob

On the Eyre Peninsula south of the Eyre highway.  An old iron ore mining town 70km south-west of Port Augusta.


What a great little town and a fantastic spot to stop for a night at least (donation) includes playground, hot shower and dump point. Details and photos in Where we stayed.

There is also the big Galah and the amazing Silos finished in September 2017. Well worth checking out. 


Point Labatt Conservation Park

On the west coast of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia (about 39km from Streaky Bay) we visited Point Labatt sea lion colony.

Beautiful Australian natural coastline is a drawcard in itself without these amazing creatures.  It is down a dirt track, some of which was corrugated when we drove it.  Both the motorhome and 4×4 made the trip and we stayed at the freecamp 5km from the lookout.  It was a lovely area and made the morning jog a little bit easier with scenery like that!

On visiting the lookout we were blessed with beautiful weather and sea lions frolicking in the ocean and sunbaking on the beach and rocks. Information boards told us that this breeding colony represents the largest mainland population of Australian sea lions in the world. 


Cool facts about Australian sea lions

Pups weigh around 7kg at birth (ouch) and take to the ocean for the first time at about 4 weeks of age

They depend on their mothers milk for the first year

They eat squid, fish,octopus, cuttlefish, crabs and crayfish

Females grow up to 1.5m long and 120kg and grey with a yellow to cream underbelly.  Males grow up to 2m long and 400kg and are dark brown in colour.

The Great Australian Bight

Wow, another amazing example of Australia’s natural beauty. The best lookout is the one closest to South Australia once you hit the Nullarbor.  I have provided GPS co-ordinates as you DO NOT want to miss it.

Those with kids, don’t forget to screen shot our worksheet on the Nullarbor.


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