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Checklist for Hitting the Road

Checklist for Hitting the Road   We have done multiple pack downs over the years, so we should be getting better at it the more we do it, or so you'd think!   It is still a stressful time but if you approach it as a project and every project needs a checklist, I assure you it isn't quite as bad.   If you are in the process of planning, packing or packing it! We provide the following...
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Visiting Romania, We will be back!

Visiting Romania, We will be back! Like a lot of other travellers we have read various opinions and articles on visiting Romania before going.   Having visited so many countries that have drawn an audible intake of breath from others, for one reason or another, we rarely take on board others feelings on a destination. We always listen for tips and advice though from those that have experienced th...
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Keep Calm Final Stages before launch

Final Stages before launch For those of you on the road already you know what I'm talking about!  Final Stages before launch can mean different things to different people.  Depending on your choice of travel destination, type of transport and length of time you expect to be away.  Let's face it nearly everyone who sets a time limit stays on the road longer than expected. The last four we...
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