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Learning about China

Learning About China  (The People’s Republic of China) This week we were learning about China and were lucky enough to have a celebration in Perth for Buddha's birthday.  Locate on the Map Capital City Beijing Continent Asia Main River/s Yangtze River is the longest River in China China has the world’s largest dam in the world – Three Gorges Hydroelectric Dam on the Yangtze River ...
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One Claw Two Claw RedClaw BlueClaw

One Claw Two Claw RedClaw BlueClaw On a recent trip home to visit our family we met our Nephews Red Claw and Blue Claw crayfish.  Better still, they liked each other and had decided to start a family! It was such an amazing sight that I wanted to share it with you.  The mumma carries her babies under her tail as shown in the picture here.  There was a LOT of babies and while we were there the...
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Bouncy Egg Experiment with Miss B

Bouncy Egg Experiment Did you know you can make an egg bounce!  Miss B had so much fun with this experiment that we found on Homeschooled Science one of the many great resources on the Educational Websites and Resources page on our blog. Miss B loves science and working out how things happen. The best bit about this experiment is it only needs two ingredients! I am not kidding and when travell...
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Dreamworld Corroboree Educational Tour

Everyone loves Dreamworld! We all grew up on the Gold Coast and spent so much time at Dreamworld it felt like a second home.   Many wonderful memories were created here over the years and lots of school holidays spent sliding down waters slides, visiting all the native animals and laughing with friends on all the rides. Did you know that Dreamworld offers educational tours? No, either d...
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Learning Sign Language

We were lucky enough just after arriving in Brisbane to have the opportunity to attend an Auslan  class (the language of the deaf community) learning Sign Language at my nieces school. The class was run by a lovely young lady Kim, who guided us through our lesson with a friendly smile. This is one of the things I love about homeschooling and travelling.  Opportunities present themselves it i...
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