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Matera Magic

Experience the Matera Magic.  In the South of Italy you will find the Sassi of Matera. A Sassi is a series of caves carved out of limestone rock on the edge of the gorge. ('Gravina' of Matera) Now let me be honest, the temperature is HOT in summer.  We were there in July 2017 and it was HOT.  Like a lot of Southern Italy there were adequate water fountains available to refill drink bottles.  G...
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Updating Upholstery in Motorhome

Why we decided on updating upholstery in Motorhome.  When we bought our motorhome it had suede material on the seating area door panels behind the bed and suede two-tone on all the pelmets.  This is pretty standard in most Motorhomes we looked at when deciding on which one to buy. There was a zip that needed repair on one of the seats. The foam in the seats had a bit too much "give" so it woul...
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