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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks 

After so many years on the road travelling it is understandable that you are going to pick up tips and tricks.  Tips and tricks that make life a little easier when your fulltime travelling and your dollar stretch that bit further.

We are going to make a list that we can add to in no particular order as when we remember them we just needed there to be somewhere to put them!

Flybuys Points

We saved our flybuys points for a few years in preparation for our fulltime travel.  You flybuys logonever know when you are going to be inundated with bills. It is nice knowing you have groceries for a month or so sitting there – just in case.  Don’t redeem before you leave unless you know you are going to use them as they have an expiry date.  It can all be done online.


Board Games

We all love them, well we do.  It was one of the things we knew if we didn’t find a solution to bring them along, we would miss them.  We ended up taking at least 12 with us and removed them all from their boxes.  Scanned in the rules for each of them and saved in my laptop (and backup on external hard drive).  The boards all got stacked one on top of the other or in the backgammon case.  The pieces all got stored in a pencil case with the letters of what game it was on the front.  This meant they are tidy, clearly labelled and we got to take more than we otherwise would of made room for!

Vinegar and Dishwashing Liquid

You wont believe me till you see this is action but it is seriously an amazing addition to any campervan, caravan, motorhome.  If you are trying to conserve water, after a greasy meal you spray the plate or frypan with the mix (70% vinegar 30% dishwashing liquid – unless you like LOTS of bubbles) and wipe over with a paper towel.  It removes 90% of grease / mess off the plate! Not only is that good for your sink, sponge and pipes but you now need a lot less water to clean up.  We use this non chemical cleaner for bathroom, toilet, floors and the grease clean up. The whole mix can be made for under a $1.00!


RAC or Roadside memberships

Check what discounts are available as part of your membership.  If in Western Australia and if you have RAC roadside assist, you not only get 4c off a litre at PUMA fuel stations at selected stores around Australia but you get 50% of a National Parks Pass.  On top of that you get a discount on your vehicle insurance which we have found to be one of the most competitive in Australia.  Bottom line – look up what memberships you currently have and if there are any discounts available.


Maps me App 

One word. Amazing. We use it all over the world.  Maps me App is an offline maps App that you can use walking or driving. It’s free.  You download the maps before leaving when you have WIFI.  When you are wanting to go out exploring you pin your location, go off exploring and when you are ready to go back, hit the pin and it will guide you back! Very handy.  Also good for locating the car in strange cities.


Bags, Bags, Bags

When preparing to leave on your trip, no matter how far you are from actually going, keep all drawstring bags from shoes, handbags and cookware.  When packing your rig to leave, everything has a sleeve! If not there is always the trusty pillowcase (you can cut one down or get cot size one) for smaller items. They can used to store all breakables, frying pans, cords, cables, food sealers, printer etc in your Motorhome, caravan, campervan or camper trailer.


Water Containers

10ltrs container of water at Coles. This is able to be handled by even Miss B.  Easily filled anywhere and we keep three of them in the back of the vehicle so they are ready if we go into town and able to collect water.  This means the whole rig does not have to be moved just for collection of water.

It is a lot more convenient.  When we know we are going off grid or free camping for a while we will fill them up and have backup water supply.  They are also perfect 10ltr for wash and 10ltr for rinse when doing washing.


Washing on the road

20ltr bucket and Plunger.  This is the most basic of washing machines but so efficient and effective.  



Put clothes in bucket, add one x 10ltr water and washing powder and call the kids! Lol.  This is Miss B’s job in our team.  Unless I want the exercise with some arm curls. 

Does the job, limited cost and does it well.  When done, wring clothes out, dispose of water and put second 10ltr water in to rinse.



Outdoor shower

Not just any outdoor shower it is pressurised and therefore good backup for dishes, washing car, dump point back up cleaner when no hose or feet wash if things got a bit messy. 

We can not speak highly enough of this shower but like a lot of things everything must have dual purpose.  This one totally holds its own. Available from Decathalon which is now in Australia too.


Baby Wipes 

These are used for everything from 5 second shower (face, armpits and bottom, fondly known as a fab wash in our house), wiping down toilet area of dust, wiping dirty feet and dirty benchtops. These are NOT to be put in the toilet they do not breakdown and therefore should be disposed of in your rubbish bin.


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