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“To Travel is to Live” Hans Christian Anderson

Travel has always been special to us, in particular Brett, who had many countries under his belt before we got together and passed that passion on to both myself and our girls.  We have always made time for travel and saved hard to ensure we can have our travel and still keep on track with our investment goals to accomplish full-time travel. (Cake and Eat it 3).

Photography and making memories

Brett has a love of photography and we look forward to sharing some of the amazing memories and landscapes we capture with you. Leanne loves to be shown recipes from all over the world and always keeps an eye out for cooking classes while traveling learning recipes that have been shared with many family and friends.

feluccaThere will be many stories and reviews about Food and Wine as we both have a passion for Food and Wine.  An area we have managed to pass the love of onto our girls, well only the food, for now anyway.

Both of us are passionate about investing, research, education and motivation and most of all our girls.

Have taken so many modes of transport including, planes of all sizes crazy bus rides (Peru I’m looking at you!) trains beemo tuk tuk’s felucca hot air balloon parachute camels cars push bikes quad bikes motorbikes motor home campervans.

And of course lots and lots of walking!  I am sure I am missing some but you get the idea we like to explore with local people and get amongst the culture of places we visit.

We believe you can have your cake and eat it…3.

We look forward to sharing our adventures.

Cake and Eat it 3









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