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Updating Upholstery in Motorhome

Why we decided on updating upholstery in Motorhome.  When we bought our motorhome it had suede material on the seating area door panels behind the bed and suede two-tone on all the pelmets.  This is pretty standard in most Motorhomes we looked at when deciding on which one to buy.

There was a zip that needed repair on one of the seats. The foam in the seats had a bit too much “give” so it would pinch your leg on edging. We also found that the suede showed every tiny mark so we decided in time we were always going to update the upholstery.

So the time had come. It took two visits to the fabric supplier and a LOT of deliberation over the fabric and colour choices.

We ensured we used the upholsterer for other requirements to check workmanship.

Fabric samples taken home laid out, photos taken. More deliberation. 

Lots of questions.

Will the seat fabric itch.

Is it modern. 

Does it tie in with rest of rig.

Is it hard wearing enough

Is updating upholstery in motorhome worth all this drama

Well it has now been done.  Not how I asked for it to be done.

Photos showing examples of what I wanted, chalk markings directly on the existing fabric and an in person discussion on the morning we dropped it off are apparently not sufficient instruction. 

Anyway it is done and we shall move on.

My husband works away quite a lot at the moment and is the only one who drives the motorhome. At this stage. 

I am keen to learn but not until he can take me out bush and give me a trial without city traffic and the ever present pressure of potentially writing off our dream bearing down on me! 

Getting Ready to launch

We are both still working fulltime. 

Organising research and purchasing the million and one things that need to be done before launch day.

Packing down a house.  In fairness not a main residence which we did when we took off three years ago.  But it is amazing how much shit you accumulate in such a short period!

Organising school curriculum, apps, software, resources and ensuring Miss 9 is as engaged in the transition as possible.

You get the idea, you have all been there or will before your launch day.  Pick your battles!

So, dropped her off gave instructions to upholsterer and crossed our fingers until we were told we could come and get her.

Before Updating Upholstery in Motorhome

Left to Right, Lounge/Table area Expanda, Main Bedroom full view, Main Bed main window

Just like to point out the brand new mattress (waterproof) protector that did not have a mark on it when dropped off.  But as I mentioned I have moved on (???!!!).  I hear you saying well it did its job and I agree but heard of a drop sheet?!

After updating Upholstery in Motorhome

The pelmets and expanda surrounds are a vinyl that clean very easily with nappy wipes, meaning finger prints and marks will be a lot less of a drama.

Because I have moved on, I wont point out that there is no lumbar support (even though we discussed it) in the seats.  I also will not point out that the maroon stripe (both on surrounds and pelmets) was supposed to be a maroon piping on the bottom edge to prevent finger prints when opening and shutting the curtains. And I most certainly wont bring up the Drop Sheet! again.  I have now washed the protector and moved on. (?)

Concentrating on the One step closer to launch day is a great way to help! 

Getting closer to launch

Lists and more lists are everywhere. 

Maintenance to do on property before going, to limit surprises once launched.

Things to buy we need.

Items to buy we want (looking at you dear husband)

Things to be installed on the rig, added to the rig, updated on the rig.

Things to download in advance like lesson materials, readers, youtube tutorials to assist with education of our daughter.

The good News is the lists are getting shorter.  A lot shorter.  In fact some are finished which is a great feeling.

It may only be updating upholstery in Motorhome but it is one more major expense crossed off the list. Albeit through clenched teeth – Sorry I forgot I have moved on!






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