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Visiting the Gold Coast, Australia

Visiting the Gold Coast

Cake and Eat it 3 are off and visiting the Gold Coast, well home really, as that is where both our girls were born and family reside there. 

Miss 9 is VERY excited, home to see Nanny and Poppy, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins you get the idea.  We also have a sleepover or two planned and they are always fun no matter how old you get. I love her excitement, it is beautiful, as there is nothing more special than family and friends.

This holiday, journey represents a lot more than a holiday though.  She has heard of all our plans to fulltime travel for soooo long now.  We have always said you will finish school end of Year 3. Check.  Mum will finish work Early February. Check.  We will then take anything we are keeping from our rental we have stayed in for three years in Perth, Western Australia back to Queensland to put into storage with our other belongings before leaving for fulltime travel.  That is what this represents.  One step closer.

As we homeschool and knowing we are going on a flight, I will not miss the opportunity to discuss all things flying!  Altitude, time zones we cross over and distance we are travelling not to mention an Australian icon Qantas!

For those not familiar with the distance one side of Australia to the other, we will be in the air approx 4.5 hours each way and will travel 4,350 kilometres each way and still be in Australia! 


Firstly I hit Kidz Search Encyclopedia to have information ready on Altitude (copy and paste into word doc or screen shot so no data on the move!)  On to distance between capital cities to show how far we are travelling and the difference between flying versus driving a vehicle.

Distance in kilometres between capital cities in Australia

We will be travelling approximately 3000 kilometres depending on whether you go as the crow flies or in our case Qantas or obviously by vehicle is a lot longer. 



Turbulence or turbulent flow is a violent or unsteady movement of air or water. 

Research on this one should be treated with caution as depending on the age of the traveller it may be more concerning than beneficial.


Qantas is an Australian icon, and the second oldest airline in the world founded in 1920.  Nothing feels like home more when you are abroad than spotting the flying kangaroo. 

All Aussies know the song I still call Australia Home written by Peter Allen.  But they also have a great fun facts website page for kids, showing the different size planes and other fun facts.  A great opportunity as we are flying on different aircraft on the way there and back to point out the differences.  Not to mention when we go to Europe very soon, different aircraft again.

The longer the trip the more information you can discuss, countries you are passing over, food you could eat there (a favourite conversation of Miss 9) the flags and capital cities and animals they have there.  All this can be done in advance and screen shot or put onto a tablet ready for your trip, while its happening they are more interested and in real time they have a better understanding of distances.

No place like home Toto, looking forward to hugs and catch ups.



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  1. Sounds fabulous, and love the teaching opportunities you have planned. Enjoy clicking the heels of your red shoes and saying ‘home’.

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