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Where to begin on your investment journey

Everyones journey is different but where to begin on your investment journey requires a few points from you before you begin.

What do you want to achieve?

In order to achieve something you need to know what it is you are after, so you know when you get it.

Sounds simple but jotting down a few notes on what you want to achieve will keep you focused when things get tough.

Like everyone we have had our ups and downs on our investment journey but we kept going kept educating ourselves and if we didn’t know something we found someone who did.

There are many ways to find others that may be able to offer advice or experience. Thanks mainly to the internet and facebook there are many mcareaboutmoneyeetup groups seminars and of course various accountants real estate professionals solicitors and advisors to talk to.

Nothing really beats your own experience but it is a lot easier to learn from others mistakes!

Just always remember no-one cares about your money more than you do.

If you are not comfortable or don’t understand something keep asking questions or walk away.

There are good and bad ones of each of these information sources too. You just have to keep going till you feel comfortable with your circle of professionals giving you advice.

For every bad seminar you attend you will pick up something new.  With webinars now you don’t even have to leave the house.

There are many webinars or podcasts you can listen in commute time.


When we were getting started I read so many books on property investing motivation you name it I read it.

This  gives you talking topics at meetups or seminars and exposure to investment options you may not have considered.

It keeps you focused on your goals especially if you are in a negative or un-supportive environment this is very important.

There are plenty of audio books or podcasts that can educate and motivate if you are not a reader.


So you made a milestone or reached a goal time to celebrate!

We chose to sacrifice anything but our travel.

Travel is something that is important to us and something we plan to do a whole lot more of, now we are nearing retirement.


Write them down, own it and be ready to receive as you need to commit and welcome opportunity, in any form that may come your way.


If you don’t know where to begin follow my 12 month getting started plan.

I jotted these down not in order of importance just as a guide for those who have not begun on their investment journey.

Start today!

Like Minded Individuals!

Admittedly I am very lucky that my husband is my business partner father of my children love of my life.

We know this is rare and we feel truly blessed to be on the same journey together. Friends, acquaintances or partners that are as enthusiastic as you are about your plans will he.

We are truly excited for anyone who goes above and beyond to create a better life for themselves.

We are truly excited when someone we know reaches their goals – feel free to let me know!

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