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Why you need to write goals down

It is important to understand why you need to write goals down.

Whatever the goal whether it be personal, financial, professional and any other area of your life there is always room for improvement. There is so much emphasis at the beginning of a new year to make us reflect on what we achieved last year and make a plan.

It is always the right time to write goals down.

We have always set lots of goals in all areas of our life but more importantly had and have lots of plans.

The only difference between a wish and a goal is a plan.

goals wordsBoth my husband and I are well-known for being able to change course unexpectedly and be able to adapt to different environments easily.

It is important to have a plan how to achieve your goals and understand why you need to write goals down including

Helping to keep you on track – focused.

Provides motivation when things don’t appear to be heading where you want

Lets you be able to put more effort into your family/work/life in general and maintain the motivation.

Be able to easily track or monitor progress and see if you are on course to achieve your goal.

Always set a time frame

Follow up and review if you are on schedule and be prepared to alter your course if necessary.  This will help ensure you complete your goal/target.

In addition to writing them down, it is also important to understand why you want them. If you are passionate about your goal you will have a much higher chance of success.

Every little bit helps

If it is a savings goal every dollar, fitness goal every step, knowledge goal every book.  Just START.

You are neverBreanne Property Investor to young to start your knowledge and do not underestimate what your kids learn from listening to you and watching how you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.  The picture on the left is our daughter at one year old while on holiday in Thailand taking an interest in Australian Property Investor magazine.

I believe it is also important to have a range of goals that range in difficulty or commitment to achieve, so you can experience success and achievement along your journey – this will in turn help spur on further success and achievement!

Every conversation, every article, every step forward is a step in the right direction.

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