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Working with Cake and Eat it 3

Working with Cake and Eat it 3

Cake and Eat it 3 is proud of our working relationships and welcomes all Publications in travel and property investment focused industries who are interested in engaging our services in various ways.

We can also provide photography services both still and drone if required.

A form is provided below for contacting Cake and Eat it 3.

To our followers one thing you can count on from Cake and Eat it 3 our opinions can not be bought!

Advertising is not our primary focus but it helps with the costs to keep everything going.

A blog (which we love) requires lots of data, phone bills, hosting fees, web domains and the list goes on.

We only review products or services we have tried ourselves or still use in the operation of our blog now.

These are provided as we get asked so often who we use or recommend. We believe our followers will benefit from those relationships too.

When you first consider the option of travelling, the amount of products, services and options can be quite confusing.

In our experience we have found referrals from trusted sources and word of mouth are the most reliable.

We created Business Associates of Cake and Eat it 3 and Products used by Cake and Eat it 3 as a resource tool for our followers.

Starting a blog can be overwhelming, the amount of information available on-line is intense to say the least.

We hope these resource tools are helpful in getting you started and save you time researching items for your travel requirements.

 Due to wifi reception in some locations we recommended considering social media contact options.

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