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Housesitting Caretaking / Caravan Park Relief

Would you like to appoint Cake and Eat it 3 for Housesitting Caretaking or Relief Caravan Park Management

We have years and years of experience with all things property, maintenance and management of properties.  This makes Cake and Eat it 3 a great option for your next house sit, caretaking or relief caravan park requirements.

Both Brett and I, own property, have built, renovated and managed residential properties and previously owned and ran a maintenance business.

Both of us have held management positions as occupations.  We understand that a house is not just a house and a business is not just a business.  We will look after your home as if it was our own. 

We understand how much work goes into building a business and the importance of customer relations in maintaining relationships and building a positive customer experience, even while you are away.

Should you wish to contact us with a proposal or request outlining your requirements and expectations of the position, we will always consider and respond advising you if we are able to assist.

Please keep in mind we require the space for our current rig (if you are in Australia) of a Motorhome, Trailer and Hilux vehicle.  We are self contained and love animals.  Our daughter, currently 9 is respectful, polite and an animal lover too.

We look forward to working with you soon.  Below is a testimonial from a previous housesit we did in Queensland.

“Thank you so much for looking after our house while we were away and collecting the mail, attending to the maintenance of the garden, lawn and pool and for just being there.

We were delighted that you could house sit for us us and it made us feel so comfortable to know that a trustworthy and loving family were living in our home.  I must also say how nice it was to return home to a beautiful, clean and tidy house.”  C. Queensland

Brett & Leanne


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