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Kids Travel Journal

Kids Travel Journal by Travelling with Kids

For recording all the wonderful memories and experiences they have while travelling grab your kids travel journal before you leave.

You can’t possibly remember all the sites you see and all the special people you meet!

For our daughter a place to draw and record her favourite things is a treasure she will have for years to come.

I LOVE journaling! 

I am hoping to pass that love onto our daughter. By recording all the magical moments it delivers a sense of gratitude for the amazing experience they are patravelling-with-kids-journalrt of. Provides a place to record the wonders they are witnessing, a great place to reflect on and in the event they may be having a “down” day a great way to lift spirits.

It provides a place to record all your childs friends they meet on their travels and where they meet them.

You meet so many wonderful people while travelling we have friends from all of the world. At least one from every country we ever visited is still in contact with us today (and some of them were before electronic communication).

For those of you who take the kids on an extended break from school to complete your travels. You now already have the morning news and brag book for your kids already sorted.  We know you all understand the kids want to take this news on the first day back to school. Done ready to go!

Great reminder for talks with family

Also what a great way for the kids to remember what they have been up to when talking to Nanny & Poppy, Grandma and Grandpa.

You know when they are on the phone updating them on their travel so far (great fun way to encourage reading and communication) and all they say is its been fun!

We have one of these journals for our daughter.  They have been put together by a wonderful husband and wife team at Travelling with Kids.  They have kids and know what a valuable and educational asset journaling is for your kids.

We are very proud to support an Australian business and product.  The perfect gift for your kids, grandkids anyone who is on the move! They also have other fantastic products too click here to get yours today!

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