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Little Passports Subscriptions

Little Passports subscriptions are available in

3 month

6 month and

12 month subscriptions.

Just think, how do our little ones have any idea of what lies in store and what all the fuss is about travelling.  We signed up at least 18 months before we knew we were going to be full time travelling.

Cake and Eat it 3 are proud to have an affiliate relationship with this wonderful company as it was an integral step in getting our daughter ready for travel. We have a discounted offer for our followers using the link shown in this post.

We are very selective who we choose to work with and only refer businesses or products (irrespective of any benefit on offer or not) that we have used or still are using and recommend.

Our daughter absolutely loved her Little Passports subscription and as a result her knowledge of countries, their capital cities and what she can eat there is fantastic.

Are you a teacher or have a large family?

No problem there are also classroom memberships available for teachers which  also be suitable for large families

Overseas travel can be a scary thought for a lot of adults let alone children.  The Little Passports subscription opens their eyes to the world and what to expect of travel.

It also helps minimise any anxiety they may be feeling about such a dramatic change in their life.

Little Passports sends packages in the mail to your child and what child doesn’t like to get mail!

A new country is sent each month. In the package you will find a postcard from their explorer friends that tour the world on a magic scooter.

Facts about the country, foods they could expect to eat there (a big concern for daughter when we first mentioned overseas travel was “But what am I going to eat?!” always thinking of food.

Included in the monthly package is a trinket or activity that depicts the country for that month.  Sushi rubber for Japan. Mummy Torso you had to find by archaeological excavation using a mini hammer and chisel like plastic implement – Not kidding so much fun!!

Age approaustralian-passportpriate learning

Different age groups are available. Our daughter is a World Explorer (6-10)  and your first month of your subscription comes with a mini suitcase, passport, a fantastic world map.

We laminated ours and now forms our table top in the motorhome. You can then pin a marker provided with each country as you receive it every month.

Also included for your little explorer is a boarding pass with a code that allows for extended learning trivia and games online providing further educational content.

The gives you the opportunity to have a geography lesson discussing capital cities, animals, food or whatever facts your child loves to talk about every time the package comes and providing all the resources to do a thorough lesson that is also FUN!

This is the perfect resource for homeschool or worldschool families and for any family planning travel in the future.

It is so much fun and a gift that keeps giving for the whole year.  Our daughter really enjoys her subscription.  We look forward to trying the Science Subscription next and will keep you posted!

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